Zebpay making fool to you customer or user

Dear Team,
I don’t know you read Zebpay term conditions or not I think you have to the terms and conditions before promoting Zebpay.
Because of Zebpay monthly charge more then your reward.

1 year of hard work I get 21 BAT rewards. That’s market value was arround of 421 ruppes in Indian currency.

I have create Zebpay account after Brave browser notification me to create Zebpay account and I have Done it in November .
Zebpay charge 2 month November and December 400 rupees after deduction of I have only 21 rupees left or only 1 BAT rewards.

I don’t know what I should do.

I think you have to take care of your user or customer in India before losing them.

I’m sending screenshot to know you what’s wrong with your Brave user are facing issue

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The solution to skip the fee is by either making a trade every month or withdrawing the money as and when u receive it. The other option would be to let the BATs accumulate in the BAT wallet on Zebpay and not transfer it to your Zebpay portfolio unless and until you are ready to withdraw it.

How to withdraw without Zebpay ?

How to withdraw without Zebpay ?

It’s compulsory to pay 200 rupees in every month.

You can’t withdraw without Zebpay but you can wait to withdraw until your BAT balance accumulates a huge amount. 15rs is flat for withdrawing. Your Zebpay portfolio will never go below 0. Each month the membership fee gets reset meaning if there is no balance left in your Zebpay portfolio, that month’s membership is free. When you withdraw, it is considered making a trade and hence you will be not charged a membership fee for that month and you get the entire amount you earned as well.

I have lost all my BAT Tokens due to this charge. I was not aware about this.
All my Hard earned BAT tokens from past 3 years lost :frowning:

Same thing done with me… I thing Brave browser team need to be shortout this problem.

The fee is charged by Zebpay and not Brave, hence the fee can not be removed unless Zebpay wants to do so.

@Savan you only get the fee if you sweep to your account and leave it there. The fee exists only if you keep cryptocurrency in your account and do nothing. This is what Ryan was trying to tell you, that you should not sweep to your account until you get the larger amount. Otherwise you need to transfer the BAT out of your ZebPay each time if you want to avoid fees.

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