Increase the power of element blocking, differentiate from Chromium

A good differentiator between Brave and Chrome is the built in element blocking feature that is readily accessible. It’s very wonderfully designed to be focused on ad-blocking, and with integration with the dev tools that are built into the browser, you’ll be able to push for an even better differentiator from Chrome.

If you were to allow for the viewing of “blocked elements” in the Elements tab of the dev suit on board and a check box system next to each blocked element to allow for these elements to be blocked and unblocked, you’ll be able to expand dev functionality. It could even help people design websites to work alongside ad-blockers rather then against them.

I recently found myself on a site that broke because my custom filters for it suddenly interfered with some back-end business logic they added. I blocked over half of the elements on it and turned it into little more then a basic html representation with some minimal additions that I found useful. When the site broke, the custom filters box had to be manually sorted through in a way that was annoying. It’s just one box of filters that has no differentiation. If the dev tools were modified, I could have just slowly checked and unchecked boxes, see the page auto-refresh, and have the info on what broke the site conveyed to me quickly, rather then having to delete a filter, refresh the page, and add the filter back, going to the next.

Just a thought. Better separation on custom filters, by site perhaps, would have also helped with this issue.

I guess your request could be fulfilled by replacing Brave built-in adblocker by uBlock Origin.