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I’d been using Dissenter browser, but there is some issue with updates and zero support that I know of, so I switched to Brave. The only problem so far is not really with Brave, but with an addon that I love above all else for adblocking - Genesis Plus. I can’t find it to download in the Chrome Web Store. I’m using AdBlock Plus, but it is not quite as fantastic. Any tips appreciated. I’m wondering whether Google got rid of it because it is so superior.
Version 0.68.132 Chromium: 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It seems as though they removed the extension from the Chrome web store. You can try to find a .crx file from another source and sideload the extension but I have to ask – is there an issue with Brave’s built in content filter (Shields)?

What I find I must disable most in Shields is the blocking of cross-site cookies, but as far as the adblocking, it does not block all ads. And what’s weird is that I can have the same adblocker on different computers, and the same lists within them, but results vary on . With AdBlock Plus, for example, you can go to a story there and between the story and the comments they have an ad. I don’t want that ad there, and there is also a “firehose” ad sometimes at the top of the page on a strip. With AdBlock Plus, I have to block the ad before the comments on every subdomain of theirs, i.e., science.slashdot or tech. slashdot, etc. I don’t know how to write filters. And since I moderate there, the script has to work on each moderation/vote. So I can’t block everything.

Thanks for the tip on .crx, will look for that and how to sideload.

I tend to also install uBlock Origin ( Maybe that would work as an alternative for you?

Can you show me where you see the ads appearing on Slashdot? All ads seem to be blocked on my end:

Area between the comments seems to have some extra whitespace which (admittedly) is annoying but no ads appear:

You do have that notification at the top, which I’d rather not have. But here is the ad space I’m referring to (sponsored) -

I’ve tried ublock from time to time, sometimes use it but prefer AdBlock Plus if I can’t have Genesis Plus. I really need ability to hide elements, just by picking them out.

I thought you could right click on items with uBlock and block them.

I don’t remember whether you can.

I was also wondering whether I can find the folder on my Windows computer where Brave and its settings are stored, and if I restored it to a different computer, would the installed extensions be there? And if so, do you know the path on Windows 8.1? I’d be moving it to Windows 10.

Typically, if you right click on a shortcut icon, you can open the properties menu and select “open file location”.

And I was able to right click on web page items and block them with uBlock Origin on my machine.

It would probably depend if the extensions were already on the old machine. If so, possibly. I’m not sure where those are stored off hand though.

Thanks for the info, @cynical13

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Don’t leave home without them.

Thank you, I’ll check those out - hadn’t heard of uMatrix

uMatrix is by the same programmer as uBlock Origin. They should work nicely together.

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I’m trying out uBlock Origin again, and am wondering if anyone here knows how to make a filter to get rid of this ad on Words with Friends - bottom left mentioning Sean Connory. This ad is “alive” to me, as it changes. I opened the Inspect Element panel, but don’t know how to make the filter.

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