Improving Brave Browser's Sound and Overall Windows Audio Experience ->>> What Software do you use to recommend ? I am Specifically Looking for EQ Setting tips

So My Recommendation is Razer Surround Pro

The Goal is not just to Boost Sound, but also to improve voice clarity and eliminate distortion

I used to use Razer surround pro and the default presets set by Razer for more than 2 years but until this year where i started to use custom presets… i always used the techno preset which has been set by the Razer team… Once i started setting up custom presets, my audio experience improved 10x more good.

i cross checked with all of the presets set by the razer team and the custom preset which i set delivers more details and clearer audio… So i am just Posting it here to see if there are any ways to improve my audio experience further.


125Hz         +9db
250Hz         +5db
500Hz         +2db
1kHz          -1db
2KHz          +7db
4KHz          +1db
8KHz          +5db
16KHz         +9db

Also increase everything here to MAX

if you’re using webapps like Spotify on brave browser, make sure to set audio level to Level 1 max
what are three volume levels of Spotify ?

Notice the volume icons… so keep it at level 1 max, you can increase to level 3, you’ll have more sound but the details will be lost…

Even for vlc, recommended levels are 35 to 50… Increasing it all the way to the max will surely deliver more sound, but the details wont be there…

For these settings to take effect, Make sure whether it’s configured properly. You can check it on the details of the task manager

it should have been set up with Realtime priority “Base Priority → Realtime” and Elevated

You should also notice this process always running in background

Forgotten to mention that you need to use Razer Chimaera optimization as it has best optimization suited for these EQ settings…

Not jusy for my EQ settings but i discovered that this chimaera headset optimization offers the best optimization for all headsets of razer.

im enjoying brave browser sound more now due to this software, Let me know if anyone has better Equalizer settings/software, these values works very well, but if this can be improved, then its truly Great.

Thank YOU for your time and help as i care more about sound effects.

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volume mid levels are meant to be followed on each 3rd party softwares assuming the fact that you already set your windows volume to 100%.

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