Improving Brave Browser's Sound and Overall Windows Audio Experience ->>> What Software do you use to recommend ? I am Specifically Looking for EQ Setting tips

So My Recommendation is Razer Surround Pro

The Goal is not just to Boost Sound, but also to improve voice clarity and eliminate distortion

I used to use Razer surround pro and the default presets set by Razer for more than 2 years but until this year where i started to use custom presets… i always used the techno preset which has been set by the Razer team… Once i started setting up custom presets, my audio experience improved 10x more good.

i cross checked with all of the presets set by the razer team and the custom preset which i set delivers more details and clearer audio… So i am just Posting it here to see if there are any ways to improve my audio experience further.


125Hz         +9db
250Hz         +5db
500Hz         +2db
1kHz          -1db
2KHz          +7db
4KHz          +1db
8KHz          +5db
16KHz         +9db

Also increase everything here to MAX

if you’re using webapps like Spotify on brave browser, make sure to set audio level to Level 1 max
what are three volume levels of Spotify ?

Notice the volume icons… so keep it at level 1 max, you can increase to level 3, you’ll have more sound but the details will be lost…

Even for vlc, recommended levels are 35 to 50… Increasing it all the way to the max will surely deliver more sound, but the details wont be there…

For these settings to take effect, Make sure whether it’s configured properly. You can check it on the details of the task manager

it should have been set up with Realtime priority “Base Priority → Realtime” and Elevated

You should also notice this process always running in background

Forgotten to mention that you need to use Razer Chimaera optimization as it has best optimization suited for these EQ settings…

Not jusy for my EQ settings but i discovered that this chimaera headset optimization offers the best optimization for all headsets of razer.

im enjoying brave browser sound more now due to this software, Let me know if anyone has better Equalizer settings/software, these values works very well, but if this can be improved, then its truly Great.

Thank YOU for your time and help as i care more about sound effects.

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volume mid levels are meant to be followed on each 3rd party softwares assuming the fact that you already set your windows volume to 100%.

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New Update for EQ Settings

125Hz         +11db
250Hz         +7db
500Hz         +5db
1kHz          -1db
2KHz          +11db
4KHz          +2db
8KHz          +7db
16KHz         +11db

Currently, These Settings Works Best on Razer Thresher 7.1 and Razer Barracuda Pro…

Razer Thresher with Dolby 7.1 is So Awesome, I Got Extra 2 Where Now i have 3 of Thresher Just to Make Sure the Audio Experience on Win 8.1 is Awesome for Next 7 to 8 Years… I also Got Razer Barracuda Pro and will Buy Most of the 50mm+ Razer Headsets which has Bluetooth Support. For Example, On this Older Version of Synapse, it Shows Unsupported for Razer Barracuda Pro But i can Enjoy the EQ Effects and Control EQ Settings on Razer Barracuda Pro while i Connected with Bluetooth Mode on Samsung NU8000 55 and Choose the option SAMSUNG(Nvidia High Definition Audio)

These Effects does not work while Razer Barracuda Pro is being used with Dongle on Windows 8.1

I also tested Newer Version of Razer Synapse on Win 11 VM But Older Version of the Synapse Seems to be the Best in terms of Sound and UI… Kraken V3 Pro doesn’t sync with older version of Synapse and EQ Effects don’t work so for the Moment Kraken V3 pro is the Least used Headset… It’s Hypersense is Awesome But the Sound output is not just as Powerful as Razer Thresher 7.1 and Barracuda Pro while used together with Razer Synapse + Razer Surround…

I have also Tested Thresher on a Console and the Sound output is Average So Razer Surround Pro/Razer Synapse Brings the Huge difference which Someone Expects to deliver the Powerful Sound.

My Favorites As of Now

  1. Razer Thresher 7.1
  2. Razer Barracuda Pro

It would be Great if we can See Razer Thresher V2 7.1 + Hypersense with Bluetooth Support.

VM Setup

As You can See on the above video, Razer Synapse is working on Win 11 VM with Win 8.1 as Host OS…

Razer Wants you to use Win 10 or Higher to Get the Synapse But the Synapse is Working on VM with Win 8.1 as Host OS… Just Compare the Number of Services the Newer version of Synapse is using on Win 11 and the Number of Services Razer Synapse uses on Win 8.1

on Win 8.1, there is Only 1 Razer Service Running whereas on Win 11, it uses 10+ Services… You Can Find on How Services can Impact Performance on this topic…

Just Compare the Launch time in the Next video of Brave Browser Where Razer Synapse wasn’t Installed Vs older video Which has Razer Synapse

You Can Just Say, I can disable Razer at Startup But that won’t be a Good Move because you Need Razer Synapse to be Running(to Enjoy EQ Effects)… On Win 8.1, Since there is Only 1 Service Running, Startup time has No Impact and also Important thing to Note is that the Equalizer on Win 8.1 version of Synapse delivers More Powerful Sound Whereas in the Newer version of Synapse, While i tried the EQ Settings, I cannot See any difference, the EQ Settings does not make any Changes, Im Not sure whether its due to VM But while Considering the case of other Settings Changes taking Effect on the Headset Like Activating ANC, Enabling and disabling Power Saving, Controlling Volume, Bass and other Settings, it’s Not Good to Say EQ Settings Not working because it’s on VM…

On the VM video, You can See, At First, Razer does not Show Razer Barracuda Pro and it Only Starts Showing after the Headset is Mounted So While Considering the Working State of Synapse, It’s safe to Say, Win 11 acts as Intermediary tool between Razer Synapse and Headset’s Firmware Where while you make Changes like Activating RGB, ANC and other Power Saving Settings, The Firmware of Razer Headset Receives the Instructions from Razer Synapse and Saves it Permanently in it So that those Changes will Continue to Work on other devices as well. For Example, I Got Kraken V3 PRO, It always had Lights on the Headset which i feel like Consuming lot of Battery So i used Win 11 VM and turned off the Lights… Now Even if the Win 11 VM is Powered off, While i use Kraken V3 Pro on Win 8.1, the Lights on the Headset Continues to be OFF.

But these kind of Changes won’t work for Equalizer as you need Synapse and it’s Equalizer to be actively Running on the Operating System which You’re actively Running… As is said, Im not Sure why the Changes are not working, Maybe Razer Synapse 3 is Still in development Stage ? But For the Current time being, Older version of Synapse and Surround Sound delivers Greater Sound, For the Version Numbers, See the Below Image and Install the Correct Razer Versions…

Once Installed, Update the New EQ Settings added in this Update and with this update, You can use Higher Volume Levels both on Spotify(Brave Web Player) and VLC, The Effects will Still be Present. I installed Razer Synapse after taking backup of VDI file before Installing Synapse, Since the Newer version of Synapse is Not working, I will Restore the older VDI file and delete the VDI File Which has Razer installed on it… Besides EQ, All other Settings are Changed and the Firmware Saved those New Settings Where the Headset Reflects the Changes across other devices, So it’s safe to delete Razer Synapse as you dont want it to impact your Performance of Win 11 VM.

If you have other Solutions, You Can Share it Here… unfortunately, ROG doesn’t make Wireless Headsets, Most of the ones are Wired and the ones which are wireless does not have 50 mm drivers… In Future, If Asus Releases a Wireless Headset which has Bluetooth Support and 50 mm drivers, I will Get it and if the ROG Headset is Compatible with older version of Razer Synapse as it also Supports other Brands Headsets , I will update it Here.

Also ROG also EQ Software, I will test that one aswell.

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