Brave Browser Sound is too low compared to chrome's sound

I am using brave browser for a last recent years. Today I checked with chrome. I am shocked that the sound quality produced in Chromes is high compared to brave.
I have the up to date brave browser but the sound is low. Is there any way to increase the sound. I also checked with the App volume and device preferences. Everything is fine.

Brave uses Chromium, and Brave doesn’t change that kind of stuff, because it doesn’t make sense.
So, it has to be with the website or system volume.

Brave only does what the websites or the OS says, Brave doesn’t have anything to affect the volume of videos or nothing. Sometimes website settings don’t reflect what it is shown in the UI, so you might want to re-adjust volume even if it shows as 100%.

If you are on windows then use sndvol.exe to easily check the volume in different apps, since Windows settings are a little too confusing for people who are not used to it.

And check your audio driver/panel because unless your sound driver is affecting and enhancing chrome.exe, just like GPU drivers do it with chrome.exe and edge.exe and not brave.exe then it’s impossible for Brave to have lower or different sound than Chrome.

There is no flags about audio either, the only one that is disabled in Brave (nightly) are about WebRTC, so nothing to do with normal audio.

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