🚀 From the Ground up, Grooming Windows 11 Supernova, 3 Hours+ Extended Version(Making Win 11 Feel like it's just another app of Win 8.1/7 for the Brave Browser use case)

For Most of the Current use cases With the Exception of Youtube and Google, Brave Browser Works Just Super Fine on Windows 8.1 But these Measures are for the Future of Preserving Brave for Win 8.1(If older version stopped working for Most of the Websites).

This Guide can be Followed by anyone Who Likes Windows 8.1(and doesn’t want Newer versions of windows as their Primary Operating System) BUT AT THE SAME TIME wants access to Latest versions of Brave(Only Wants Brave).

I have already Finished Recording all of these Videos on Feb 1, 2024 But couldn’t Make the Guide as I was busy working on Updating the Skrushnet Project update Which will be updated Within Few days… Even Now, If i didn’t take the time now, Even if 3 more months Gets Passed by, I wouldn’t be posting it as Finishing this Guide fully will take More time So Instead of trying to update all at once, I will update this Guide whenever I have time and If while Someone asks Questions or Help.

For Now, You can Just watch these videos and Follow Exactly what i am doing to set up your VM.

Windows 11 Supernova is a Modified End version Result of Windows X-Lite Micro 11 23H2…

If you Enjoy the Results of Windows 11 Supernova, Go and Say Thanks to the above video’s Build Creator.

The Problem with Win X-Lite Micro 11 23H2 is that it had almost 35+ Windows processes, 11+ background processes Everytime at startup and More Starts Running automatically at Random Intervals, Win 11 Supernova Fixes all of these issues, Prevents Windows from automatically Starting a Service or Process in the background, Completely Isolates the VM from Windows Update Servers, Windows Store Servers, No Error Reporting, No Firewall, No UAC, No defender, Completely Leaves Win 11 in Notification only Mode by disabling Software Protection in Registry…

You Must Not follow any of the methods If You’re Running Windows 11 as Host OS.

From these Videos, You can see, at times, Win 11 Freezes But these are due to the Excessive Number of Processes Running… As times Passes by, After I have modified Services and Registry, You Will See Performance Getting Much Faster…

This is Micro 11 23H2

Windows 11 Supernova, Processes will be Static(Any attempts made by Microsoft to Trigger Processes Silently in background will be Stopped by using Scripts and In this 1st video, You will See any Processes of brave which Microsoft has designed to Get into Performance Throttling Efficiency Mode will be Exiting it and Brave Browser Will be Receiving Realtime Priority).

The above video is the End Result after all changes were done So Anything which you see being Slow in the Below videos during the Setup were the Result of Excessive Processes and Background Throttling which Microsoft attempts to do it in the Hopes of Saving Energy and Power…Windows 11 Supernova will Fix all of these issues and As i Said Windows 11 Supernova Guides are Recommended to be Followed ONLY For VM Use Cases.

And this is Windows 8.1

If you Noticed closely, I would have Prevented bravecrashhandler in Win 11 from Running at all times and that’s because I Really do not care about crashes or Expect Perfections on Reliability or Continue where I Left off Features in brave on Win 11 and that’s also the Reason why i stopped Performance Throttling State Repository Service from Running at all times…

For Me, Win 11 Supernova version and brave inside VM is a tool to access websites Which Stops working in win 8.1 version of Brave … Since the Startup time is Accelerated on Win 11 Supernova VM and brave app is Automated to Start, Win 11 Supernova and the Brave inside it Feels Like an app of Windows 8.1

To Make Sure Win 11 Supernova doesn’t end up Feeling Like an Separate OS, I have Replaced the Windows 11 VM icon with Brave Nightly Logo… I do not have Brave Nightly on Win 8.1 But I Liked it’s color… The Nightly text on the icon doesn’t feel Right But Luckily I found an image which doesn’t had those text in the bottom right of the Logo and it also had some background issues which I have Easily fixed using Adobe online.

Download the .ico here


As time Passes by, All of Upcoming versions of Windows and Windows 11 will become More AI based which also means More Processes are Going to Run, I Believe this Micro 11 23H2 V1 build is the Last build which doesn’t have any AI Integrations… For Some Reason, If .iso of this build becomes unavailable and you wanted this Micro 11 V1 build, Let me know, I will Share it on Mega.nz

I have tried Micro 11 V1 and Micro 11 V2 But I Liked V1 More and I will Recommend V1.

Build Number Reference

There is No Logic in wanting to have Newer Versions of Windows to Get Browser updates and It’s Kind of Forced Consumerism to Increase the userbase count to Make Everyone Believe What they offer as Latest is Cool Wherein Reality there is Nothing Wrong with older versions of Windows as they are just as same and very well capable of doing what Latest versions of Windows can do… Newer Versions of Windows can have New Features but it cannot bring down the Powers of what older versions of Windows can Already do.

The Reason why i say this is because in order to Receive Brave Updates, Only Windows 11 is criteria and Not the Build Number So that in a way, Even if this Specific Micro 11 23H2 V1 Build(Win 11 Supernova) is not updated, You will Still be Getting Brave browser updates for as Long as Stock Windows 11 Gets Updates.

For Win 11 Supernova, You Need to Install Virtualbox and Python, See Version numbers in Control Panel…

You will also Need to have a CPU Which Supports Virtualization…

Yes, I Need to say this, If you are Reading this Right now on a old PC which is Running Win 8.1 or Win 7 and Planned to use it as Long as your old PC Stops Working/turning ON and You Really Love Windows 8.1/Windows 7 then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to NOT Procrastinate and Get a Custom PC with all of the Last Supported Models for Win 8.1/7 Fast.

My 10 year old ROG Laptop G750JX failed to turn on Last year at June 9, 2023 due to GTX 770m failure and It’s Safe to say there are NO Laptops currently available which can Support Win 8.1 or Win 7 So Custom PCs are the Only Solution, But Even here, You can Get it only for as Long as Stocks are available… Personally I was a Laptop user and Really Loved it when they are thick but Todays Laptops are More thinner, Being thin is Not a problem But If a Laptop is focused on being thin then it also means it is going to Lack Extra USB Type-A 3.0 ports, No HDD support, No Strong Cooling Solution(Less fans)…

I was a Laptop user But Only as time passes by, I have Realized, while you are young, You’ll Like Laptops But as you Grow older, You’ll Prefer Desktop PCs… I have Made the decision to Get Desktop PC and it’s Great, I Suggest You to do the same soon because If you don’t take Action now and you Lose Access to old pc, It will be Really Painful to Settle for a Life without Windows 8.1 or Windows 7… Windows 8.1 is the Best OS and Not only it is Fastest OS ever released by Microsoft, But It also has the Most Beautiful File Explorer(I Really Love the Top Ribbon area and organization in Left Navigation Pane)

For Last Supported CPU, GPU and other Questions,



Before we Start VM Guide, I Highly Recommend you to Archive the user data directory of brave instead of attempting to copy it from one drive to another drive… The Reason Why i say this is because, If you are using Brave Browser for a very Long time, Chances are there might be over 500,000+ Files and it will take Forever like 6 to 8 hours while you copy/paste using explorer.exe so It’s Recommended to RAR the Folder 1st and attempt to Move the RAR file to USB drive Later. Also, While you RAR the folder, You will End up saving some space…

Your CPU usage will be increased a Lot while you attempt to RAR Brave Browser’s user data directory(as it has more than 500,000+ Files)

RAR process will Get finished in 10 to 15 minutes, If you follow copy/paste via Explorer, it will take more than 6 hours, So I Recommend you to RAR instead of copying the Brave user data from “C” drive to USB drive…

Make Sure to Check your RAM Usage after this Process Gets Completed and If the RAM usage seems to be higher than usual even after you have closed all softwares, then it’s Recommended to Restart your PC.

The Below videos are an improved version of this topic


There were only images on the above Guide, But this New Guide will have Videos and You Can See the Full Process From Start to Finish…

And on the Setup process of Micro 11 23H2, You will Not see Microsoft account Requirement or other Setup process because You will be Landed directly on Desktop after the Restart Process is Completed(during the End of Windows Setup).

Change Playback Speed to 1x For all videos…

For Processors, Memory, Follow the Max Recommendations, For Example, If your CPU has 8 cores, Allocate 4 for VM… IF your CPU has 16 Cores, Allocate 8 for VM… For Memory, If you are using only 16 GB, Set 4 GB RAM and Make Sure you do not use VM and Host OS at the same time(if you have 16 GB RAM)… Set 10.75 GB for RAM(If you have 32 GB RAM and Feel Free to use Both VM and Host OS at Same time)

For Me, MY C drive is 7200 RPM WD HDD, But I Realized that If I Run Both Host OS Windows 8.1 and VM Win 11 Supernova on a Same HDD at the Same time, It Would Stress out my HDD, So I Got Myself a Silicon Power 128GB SATA SSD and QZ SATA to USB Enclosure Just Exclusively for the dedicated VM use case and Moved the VDI file of Win 11 Supernova to SSD… I Suggest you to do the Same to Increase the HDD Life… Also Please note that Win 8.1 on HDD is Faster than Win 11 on an SSD… While you can Feel Alright about using 7200 RPM HDD for Win 8.1, It’s important to take Measures to Reduce the Stress on HDD Friend.

Go to Settings and Activate the Settings Which You want accordingly to your needs, But I would say that you Turn off all and keep the VM Exclusively for Brave Browser use case… The Search Feature on the Left side of setting requires CTF Loader But that Process/service will always be running for no reason so I will show you a way how you can stop it permanently… it’s kind of text related process but as long as the text inputs are working correctly in brave browser, CTF Loader doesn’t need to be running at all times.

Since this Win 11 Supernova Will Never be Updated, Modify the Settings Correctly in a way where You will Never Feel the Need to open Settings again…

I Love the Taskbar Effects of Windows 8.1 and the Last Error was fixed by Manually Restarting Explorer.

Let’s Modify the Services…

The Parameter is Incorrect Error Showing services can be Fixed using Registry and As is Said, These videos are Showcases of How Supernova OS is being made to fully Make the Win 11 Experience Automating for Brave browser use case and adding Scripts for Backend Maintenance, If you need Assistance on Which Services can be Safely disabled, Must Not be disabled, Ask here on this community… Next Set of videos deals with Registry Changes, Make sure to take backup of VDI file before you attempt to Make any Changes to the Registry.

CTF loader

After You Make all Changes to Services/Registry and CTF Loader, The Search Feature on Settings and Text Related Input Fields won’t work on Settings Page… For Example, You cannot add a custom Scaling Setting Value for Display and this is the Reason Why I Would have Recommended you to Modify Settings 1st Before You Make Changes to Services and Registry… Modifying the Services and Registry Can Prevent from Windows Settings from Working as usual and that’s Expected BUT IT WILL NOT HAVE any kind of Impact for the Settings which you already Saved before you Modified Services and Registry… So, Setup Everything in Settings 1st Before you Modify the Services and Registry(As is said, Since the Micro 11 23H2 V1/Win 11 Supernova Will Never be Updated, Setup all your Settings Properly in a way Where You will Never Feel the Need to Open Settings again(ONLY After You are Sure about you have Modified all of the Settings accordingly to your Needs, Go for Registry and Services Modifications)).

You need to follow the above method of CTF Loader also for textinputhost, ShellExperiencehost, Time Broker, Runtime Broker, and WMAIDAP.

Replace it with TextInputHostSTOP.exe

These Services/Processes are not Required for VM use cases… For Example, Why do you need Adapter Maintenance to be Running on an VM ? Supernova OS will Focus and allow only processes to Run which are Required for Brave Browser use cases and these above processes are Not Required… In addition, there will also be Microsoft Passport Container always Running and Microsoft doesn’t allow you to stop it Easily But You can stop that Easily via Registry… While Making these videos, I have Made an Mistake about appx deployment service… At first, Microsoft Makes you to Believe it is core service of Windows But in Reality that Service seems to be Required only for Microsoft Store and Since we won’t be installing apps via Microsoft Store, Appxsvc can be disabled in Registry.

Let’s Start the Extraction and Cloning of Brave Browser Architecture…

Why Not Just install as New ? Because with this method, You will also Get your History, Extensions automatically Installed with Extensions data Saved, Your Pinned Extensions will Pinned Exactly like how it was on Win 8.1 and Unpinned Extensions will continue to Remain unpinned.

Network Error Can be Fixed by Enabling Network Connections and Network List Service But this can be done temporarily only while you need to Change the Network’s settings as you don’t want Windows to be actively scanning Networks at all times… So once you are done with the Process of Installing brave, you can disable them again… Disabling these two services will not Result in Loss of Internet Connectivity.

ONLY RELAUNCH BRAVE after Extensions Gets Installed, You need to Wait for Few Minutes… Ignore the “Some Settings were Reset” warning, Nothing would have been Reset, Only your Saved Passwords will be Lost, But you can Import the .csv files of Host OS’s Win 8.1 version of Brave after Exporting it.

Turn off Brave News as it is GPU Resource Intensive

Also Set Smooth Scrolling to Default or Enabled… I have only disabled it for testing…

Performing Stopwatch Calculation

Launch time Test… This is an older video Recorded before updating Scripts, So it is Expected to be Slow during Startup… And As You can see at the beginning of the video, I would be actually Clicking the Brave Nightly Logo Which Launches Win 11 Supernova and Updated Brave Automatically(As i said, I Replaced Windows Logo with Brave Nightly Logo because i wanted to make the OS feel like an Updated Brave app as Every Process is being Automated).

As Seen in the above video, Turn off Ambient Mode to Improve Performance.

New Speed Test with Updated Scripts and on this video, You can see Menu bar and Status bar has been Hidden on Virtual Machine and I Recommend you to do the same to Make the VM Feel Like an app…

You Can Restore Status bar Easily using Right Ctrl + Home key on your Keyboard…

Font Issue Fixed

Browsing Performance Test

Image Tear Test, Play at 1x Speed

As you can see there is only 0.30% Tear Issues and on Win 8.1, this issue is Not Present But that’s due to Hardware Acceleration feature is being Used(GPU Support) and on Win 11, CPU is Handling Everything… If I had to compare between two compromises on which makes me Unhappy->>>Losing Permanent Access to Windows 8.1 Vs Dealing to Live with the Imperfections of 0.30% tear found in videos, The tear issue seems Nothing While Compared with Having to Live without Windows 8.1 as Losing Access to Windows 8.1 is More Painful… I am Still happy and will focus on the Bright Side and Appreciate the CPU 99.7% Perfections… CPU’s ability to Get that 99.7% is Still Great.

Vertical Tabs issue(Older video before updating scripts, Registry and Services So Processes count is High on this video, This is for Brave UI team, In case Someone Sees this Video, Can you please fix the Immersion Breaking Vertical line between the Sidebar and Vertical tabs ?)

I am Expecting the behavior of Vertical tabs to be Like this Extension on the Next video and In Addition, Implement New Smart Features Like Allowing users to set the decision of whether the Video playing tabs Should be Automatically Paused or Not(While they are Switching tabs to other websites)

The New Option Can be Like

While Vertical tabs is being used and If i switch between tabs while Media is being Played ( 3 options, Do Nothing, Mute the Audio and Automatically Unmute the video while the tab Gets Focus, Auto Pause the video and Resume video While tabs gets Focus)

The Next video Showcases the 2nd option, Mute the Audio and Automatically Unmute the video while the tab Gets into Focus)

Speed Test 1 (Old video, An improved test could be seen above few videos, on this Video, You will Notice “Pull up for Precise Seeking” will no Longer be Shown in Youtube, I found it to be breaking immersion and so i blocked it, Now the Seeking in Youtube feels Natural Like VLC)

Known/Expected Issues

With Virtual Machines, You can Play Videos at Full Screen, But it will be Consuming High CPU usage while your Screen is Large So Play videos at Normal Size by Resizing the VLC or adjusting Zoom Levels on Brave Browser… Besides this flaw, Everything else Will Feel Like Win 8.1

Double Avatars Appearing on Brave Profiles in Taskbar(See the Video for Fixing Icons Issue)

There will be Small Issues which you will face often But All of them Can be Fixed Easily Using Scripts…

I will Give you an Example…

See on My VM, I have installed Proton VPN but I am Not using it all the time So i have disabled Some Services Which are Required for Proton VPN to Work.

If in case i Wanted to use Proton VPN, I can Simply Run the Script and It will Fix the Issue Automatically, Watch the Video to Gain Clarity

I also Wanted to Share this Topic with Attention to detail covering Every aspect of it But as i said , Doing it will consume too much time and I am also trying to Finish up adding updates for the My Dream Skrushnet Project update by improving Concepts, Strategies and Logics…

Skrushnet Updates are More Complicated than Windows updated Project like this one Posted above, The Last update for Skrushnet has been added before 3 Months But While I Feel Like the Ideas, Concepts and Strategies were Great, I have Made an Mistake where it created a Huge dependency on Starlink… But Now with the New Strategies Update, Whether Starlink Chooses to be More than an Satellite Internet based Provider becomes Secondary as the Update Now Gives Chances for Everyone who can Handle Complex Projects… The End Goal of Skrushnet is to Establish a Worthy Equivalent to Stock Market and Crypto Currency(A Way for Everyone to Make Money(For Developers, Investors and End users by Making use of Games and Movies)).

New Update Includes

  • Improved Formatting with Added Colors (Font Colors will be ONLY useful for People who Reads it)… Formatting Improved ONLY for Contents of New Update.
  • Update for Cricket Gameplay Mechanics
  • Update for Skrush Events
  • Wi-Fi Management between this Network’s OS using Satellite Internet and Windows OS use cases
  • Improved Persuasion Psychology Techniques
  • Making Use of Blu-Ray Network
  • Improved Real Life Sports Match Betting Integration with this Network’s Stream Hours So that in a way Everyone who Invests Money on this Network’s Betting tickets, Regardless of the team/players whom they Place Bets Wins or Lose, they will See their Money’s worth being Returned back to them so that they won’t feel Ripped off(Winners will Gain More).
  • Moving away from Revenue Per Minute/Stream to Challenge based Stream Business Model to Increase Streaming Partner and Psychologically Make them to Submit Larger Library.
  • Improved Rewards for Skrush Events, Royal Challengers, Quick cash Matches and Betting tickets
  • Why It’s Important to Innovate and Not waste time by trying to 1up others
  • Understanding the Importance of “The Feeling of Fixing Something is Greater than Winning against anyone”
  • Understanding the Importance of Why it’s Not Good to be dependent on only one source or Stream of Income and Why You Should Always Make Efforts to Setup and Generate Multiple Sources of Passive Income
  • Many Companies, Almost all of them are Scared to try New Business Models fearing Hatred, I will add Points which will help to Overcome those Challenges.
  • AI driven Case Study (Helping you Understand the Current Challenges behind Hacking and Why it can NEVER be Fixed Until Companies Gain the Courage to Work on Business Models Like Skrushnet)
  • Why It’s Important to Become Trustworthy as Reliability becomes a Necessity for Building Users.
  • Importance of Starting a Streaming Service that also Gives the ability for users to download contents from Larger Library of 20,000+ Blu-Ray titles, 1,350+ AAA Games using trade in of Streaming hours which they have Gained using Betting tickets.
  • Why It’s Important to Make People who are Members of Skrushnet to Feel they will be Billion Steps Ahead of Everyone else who are Not Part of this Network.
  • Updated Business Strategies for Release cycles of Sector Levels to See turnover of 7.2 Trillion US$

While I Posted Update 3 months ago, I always Felt like Something was Missing or Incomplete and I Could have added more Clarity, on the Completion of this New Update, that Feeling is Gone… I have Decided to Make this Project as Mission Impossible : open Source, While i Know it would be hard to Bring this Dream to Life as Reality due to how Complex the Challenges are Involved, Atleast Let me Help Show Everyone the Blueprint of how companies can Succeed at turning over 7.2 Trillion US$ if all of the Companies were brave to work at it, I will Show Everyone on all of the Psychological Possibilities with Proven Logics on Why working on a Business Model Like Skrushnet is Important for Generating Turnover at Larger Scale and AT THE SAME TIME, I will also Showcase all of the Challenges Which the Companies will have to face if they fear to Innovate and Move away to Newer Business Models… Believing in the Superiority of Real Estate Assets Based Business Models ? You will Enjoy the New Skrushnet Update as it is Fully Powered by Real Estate Business theme.

Watch the Video to see what will be added New in update

As for this Topic, What I can Help you

  1. You want to disable a Service or Stop a Process But Windows doesn’t allow you
  2. I Can Help You with Scripts (Tell me What’s Required to be Done)
  3. Any problem you face on VM.

he Last Restart on Proton VPN video was due to Running batch file Which disables Services that are Required for Proton VPN to work and Initiates a Restart(I disable those dependent services because they are Not Required for Brave Browser use case and I don’t use Proton VPN on VM Everyday)

Download Brave Here

Windows 7 version will also Work for Windows 8.1

Recommend Guides

The above Audio Guide Effects Can also be Enjoyed on VM using Host OS.

I have added a Video on the above Guide Where if you watch that Video, You will See What AI was Saying about Services Impact Performance, Compare the Startup time of Brave in the Next Video which has Razer Synapse VS above videos Shared in this Guide…

See the Audio Guide for More details.

Skrushnet Project has also been updated.