Browser doesn't load and crashes

The mobile browser version 1.18.78 for android 10 freezes on launch and after around 10 seconds crashes. Restart doesn’t help, clearing cache or data doesn’t work either.

I am experiencing a similar issue:

Description of the issue: Brave freezes or silently closes after a moment. Sometimes it happens before it finishes loading, while other times I am able to use it for as much as a minute. Deleting application data allows me to relaunch it but the problem returns after another moment.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Launch Brave. If it finishes loading, start to use it normally.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!): One of two things happens:

  • The application freezes. Android itself remains responsive.
  • The application closes itself during use. No message appears.

Expected result: The application does not freeze nor does it close itself. The browser is usable.

Reproduces how often: Consistently. I am unable to use it for more than a minute.

Brave Version(about:brave): 1.19.92

Android/iOS Model (what device are you using?): Handset: Nextbit Robin. OS: LineageOS 17.1, 20210207 (Android 10). All Brave versions worked fine on the phone’s previous OS (OmniROM 8.1).

Additional Information: The problem began after upgrading the OS to LineageOS. Although Brave does not work, the stock AOSP browser (which I think is Chromium based like Brave) works fine.

Brave worked fine on the handset’s previous OS (OmniROM 8.1). Rolling back to is is not an option as Android 10 is needed for other software.

I would be happy to provide logs or or to work with the QA or dev team on this.

Sometimes the browser may behave due to a bug or something else. So I always have beta or nightly as back up. Yes. Beta or nightly are prone to this more than the release version. But I never saw release and beta fail together. You can have them as back up if you wish.

Thanks for the great suggestion. Sadly, in my case both beta and nightly versions likewise silently close themselves within a second of opening.

I would be happy to provide logs or take further diagnostic steps to help resolve this perplexing matter.

Not sure what’s going on. Give details of your OS. Someone from Brave might help.

OS: LineageOS 17.1, 20210207 = Android 10. All Brave versions worked fine on the phone’s previous OS (OmniROM 8.1 = Android 8).

@Mattches can you please help?

I have the exact same issue with the latest stable version.
For me brave freezes/crashes only on certain sites and not on every site.
Could be an issue with java script because most sites it crashes on (like corona dashboards), use more scripts than normal.

It doesn’t happen in the beta version at all and works flawlessly.

I’m also facing crashes problem

For anyone experiencing this issue – can you please confirm whether or not Brave is crashing under any conditions after launch, or if there are some/specific conditions that create the crash? It seems like a bit of a mixed bag here and I want to see whether or not you’re all running into the same issue.

Also, if you haven’t done it already, please ensure you’ve updated Brave to the latest release. Should be v1.20.108 at the time of writing this.

It does under the following conditions:

  1. Clean start with tabs from previous session with certain pages (for me it is a corona dashboard
  2. If I interact with the page ( the entire browser freezes

It also happens on other sites but it is freezes/crashes without fail on this page.
Here are two short clips about this issue.
Latest stable version:
Latest beta version:

As you can see, it crashes on the stable version but not on the beta version.

If it’s working in the Beta version, then whatever the fix needed is to resolve the issue is likely contained within Beta. However, a couple things you can try is:

  1. I know you said Shields down doesn’t help, but can you try w/Shields = up and change the Fingerprinting Protection option to Allow all... for this site and see if this improves the behavior?
  2. Try clearing your cache/browsing data for that site and test again.

I did try both recommendations.

  1. I disabled Fingerprinting Protection but that instantly caused a crash.
  2. There is no site specific option for Fingerprint Protection (see screenshot)
  3. Cleaning cache/data and even reinstall did not fix the issue.

I think it might be related to JavaScript because it only occurs on sites that use heavy scripts (like big data loads).
Beta still works fine so a stable update with those fixes is on it’s way.

Just wanted to note that I tested on my end and am getting the same results. I’ve reached out to some devs to ensure that this fix will be pushed into stable.

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Perfect! Thanks for your help.

Hey @Varusal , can you test if Brave Beta in the playstore works for you? I saw no crashes on my One Plus 6

See: Browser doesn't load and crashes - #12 by Varusal

Hey the link no longer works (generates an error message)

That said, a newer Brave release version (1.21) is being rolled out in the next couple of days. If it’s possible to test this version. I couldn’t replicate the same crash on current Brave release before the link went down.


Sorry, only seeing this now. I thought I had been watching this thread. I’ve fixed that.

For me, Brave crashes within three seconds of launch under any condition. I rarely have enough time to interact with it. If I clear appdata then relaunch I might get a little more time (the full three seconds) before it crashes. If it has already crashed before, it will usually crash even faster than that upon relaunch.

This happens with Brave, beta, and nightly. I’m on what should be latest Brave, 1.21.76.

Is it possible for you to clear app data via Android settings, open the browser long enough to go to Menu → History → Clear browsing data and clear any Brave data from within the browser as well? If so, try and do so and see if this resolves the issue. I’m honestly not sure what would be causing this crash given the circumstances.

Additionally, do you have any Rewards data saved in the browser, or any other data that you don’t want to lose? I ask because if the first suggestion doesn’t work (or isn’t possible), you may want to try a complete re-install.