Brave crashes when opening

Hello! I’m having this trouble trying to use Brave on android, whenever I want to open it, the app just close on and on indefinitely.

This happened to me since yesterday and I couldnt find a solution for the problem yet

My Brave version is 1.51.110

Hey. Could you share the info at

Brave is investigating the issue. They say most likely it’s gotta do with chromium and not with Brave. Since Brave is based on chromium too, therefore is being affected. Thanks!

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Will do, thanks a lot for the help!

Sorry I preemptively closed this. @Hesteryon the issue @SmartyAadi linked is does not appear to be relevant to what you are encountering.

To be clear with your issue, you’re saying that whenever you try to open the app the browser crashes, is that correct? Can you tell me if this just started happening or if its been happening for a while now? Additionally, can you tell me what Android device type you’re using at this time?

Thank you

This issue started some days ago, probably 3 or 4. I tried uninstalling brave and re-installing it, the problem got solved for some hours untill the problem re-appeared and I cant open it without brave closing itself. I have been using brave for I think 2 or 3 years and this problem never ocurred to me before. Also this problem only happened to me with classic brave, I tried using Nightly Brave and it works fine for me

Device: Samsung J7 Prime
Operative system: android v8.1.0
Ram: 3gb, 933MHz

Thank you for your attention

Thanks for the information. I believe that we have located the bug causing the crash — the devs are discussing a fix presently and I will return and reply here when I have more information.

Thank you again for your help!

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