Brave Shield adblock : issue affecting the rendering? Amazon website perf test

Hi there!

Description of the issue: Rendering time X2 to X3 slower than other browsers on, for example here, some Amazon webpage article. Also, right click takes 1 second to load)
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Activating Brave Shield with ads on agressive (https, intersite cookies blocked, standard fingerprint protection, are accessory as it doesn’t change the rendering time so much)
  2. All extensions disabled.
  3. F12 / Performances / Ctrl+Shift+E

Expected result: At least same performances as other browsers or extensions.

Brave Version( check About Brave): Latest: Version 1.37.111 Chromium: 100.0.4896.79

Additional Information:

Since a few weeks, I noticed having a lot of troubles browsing on Amazon website. Pictures were getting very slow to render/load and sometimes didn’t even load (though it’s okay since a week or two).
It’s very annoying so today I finally tried to understand.

I tried to load the exact same page on different browsers, Brave, Chrome and Vivaldi.
I have 32GB of RAM and good overall config and enough storage and same internet connection blablabla. With a VPN active for all the tests fyi.

Brave : I tried with 2 settings. One with Shield with no extensions activated. And one without Shield BUT with ublock origin + privacy badger. Both with hardware acceleration activated. (did a 3rd try letting Shield activated BUT authorizing ads and with ublock, got good results)
Chrome : ublock origin + privacy badger.
Vivaldi : their default ads+trackers blocking.

I tried the performance tests of the devtools many many times to be sure global test gave the same approximately results.

Results speak for themselves.

So my only solution for now is to deactivate Brave Shield and go with old yet bulletproof combination UblockOrigin+PrivacyBadger extensions.

edit : Another solution is to only deactivate the Brave Shield adblock and letting the rest is ok.

Do you have any custom stuff added or enabled in brave://adblock/ ?

Only French AdGuard is checked.

Just so we can rule it out, does it affect your performance stats if you disable that?

Also, what about a run with ‘Standard’ Shields (instead of Aggressive)?

I also think it’s worthwhile to test without H/W acceleration as there are occasional bugginess issues that users have with this enabled. I think it’s unlikely here but again, just looking to rule things out.

  • Unchecked French AdGuard filter of brave://adblock/ = same results (but 20sec of Idle time in the end before generating report I don’t get why)
    Previous test was run with Standard mode adblock
    I had one try (out of 10) though which got 1500 scripting 1600 rendering (so reduced rendering, but just once)

  • Without H/W acceleration : same rendering. Scripting is 200-500ms longer.

Back with uBlock Origin, I got 1200ms scripting 500ms rendering. Knowing that I also have French AdGuard filter with Ublock origin ^^ and many other filters

I am experiencing this issue too. I surf on if that means anything.

Edit: Some details:

  • It happens with the tracker on either aggressive or standard.
  • Allowing ads fixes the issue.
  • Fingerprinting settings have no effect on this issue.
  • No custom filters are in place
  • CPU and Memory are all the time below 50%

Should improve performance.

I’ll wait for version 1.37.114 to be released then and will check again

It’s out. :slight_smile: Let us know how it goes.

Would test amazon in aggressive mode in shields also.

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