Brave Crashes on Windows 10 on Surface PC

I updated to version 1.11.104 Chromium 84.0.4147.105 on a Surface PC running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and after being open for less than 5 minutes it crashes.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave
  2. Browse to any website
  3. Brave crashes

Expected result: should be able to browse websites without browser crashing

**Brave Version( check About Brave):1.11.104 Chromium 84.0.4147.105

Additional Information: Brave is synced with Android. I am not having any trouble with the version installed on Android.

Please try other builds too. I am having the same issue across all the builds

This seems to have been related to the “Sync Chain”. I had Brave on my Surface Pro synced to Brave on my Android phone when I upgraded Brave on the Surface. When I removed the Surface from the sync chain, Brave stopped crashing.

One final note - I re-established the sync chain and Brave still has not crashed after about 10 minutes. Before, if I had Brave open for two minutes it would crash. Apparently upgrading the desktop version with a sync chain in place causes the upgraded desktop version to crash after the upgrade.

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That is correct – that’s because Sync v1 is being phased out and we will be implementing Sync v2 with the next major browser release:

Can this explain why no build of brave works on my pc…

Please open your own thread and we’d be happy to help.

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