I'm barely getting ads this last week

There are Ads with high priority that bypass limitation. They will likely only be available to fresh devices.

Also, fresh devices tend to be more ad-friendly cause they’re unknown terrritory to ‘Multi-Armed Bandit’ mechanism, which first explore to exploit later, meaning it will first serve you all kind of segments and then focus on your growing predilections.

Man you’re free to use whatever you want, I’m just trying to alert people there’re annoying mechanisms taking place and this is no black-magic bug on your device. For those who stick with brave rewards we can only hope they stop this nonsense, it’s ruining the ads experience.

Been with Brave since Beta, and it’s not gotten any better. I’m only here for the BAT. If the BAT stops flowing then there is no point to using a browser that keeps breaking sites, and you need to launch Vivaldi or Firefox to finish what ya trying to do. Like yesterday, I can’t download from Bleepingcomputer.com, but can with other browsers. Happens a lot. Brave shields turned off, all addons disabled, etc. but yet when I try on other browsers with addons enabled it works fine.

All I’m saying is if they are now going to screw me out of my ads which are about 50-55 through my work day down to 7 or nothing then I guess I should just stfu and move eh?

I’ve had absolutely no problems with that. No broken sites and I can download anything from anywhere. So I’d be more curious about what you’ve limited on your system or what browser settings you’ve implemented. Perhaps create a post and service ticket on it?

Also for everyone else, there’s a lot of things that can cause problems with ads. In addition, people forget that campaigns might be limited in your area. You can only see ads a certain amount of times a day/week/month/max…so once you hit the maximum for any of those, you can’t see ads from the campaign again.

It is possible and plausible to hit those caps and then see no ads for a while. We’re not promised an unlimited stream of ads or money. We get them while they are there, that’s it.

If you need more details on how things work or what to watch out for that might interfere with ads, a good place to start is my FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

Oh I have reported broken sites. As have other people. See the posts often. If it were my system then it wouldn’t be on both computers, and only on that one browser when I use several browsers. Also I keep an eye on the campaigns and I am in the region and I am not getting the ones available. https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/


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Here give it a try. It works on none of my computers unless I use a different browser. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/tdsskiller/dl/4/

I can reproduce the issue with downloading from that site (bleepingcomputer) and have forwarded this information to our web compatibility team.

Actually, didn’t need them. as it says in the dev tools console window, the download is being blocked due to the site requesting an insecure redirect. This is actually being blocked by the underlying Chromium engine itself, not in Brave. I’m seeing this same behavior in Chrome as well.

Note that the link itself is to here
(h ttp://media.kaspersky.com/utilities/VirusUtilities/EN/tdsskiller.exe) but it is not served over HTTPS.

Been online for 14 hours again today and not a single ad. Mean time I’m in the region of all the campaign that I have yet to get ads from. Including last month’s ads. Haven’t received any of these. Something was changed for sure as someone mentioned earlier in the post. This is not cool at all. If your main selling point are BAT then why are you suddenly gimping our ads? Maybe this campaign page I found in here community is BS, but if it’s real then why don’t I receive the ones available for my region? https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/


No ads for the last 3 days. smh

Well, that’s too long.

What messages do you see on brave://rewards-internals after viewing a new tab page ad?

ps.: first remember to enable brave://flags/ > Enable Brave Rewards verbose logging

Pop up ads have stopped for me, and there is a new Polkadot ad that shows up when you open a new Browser Window that you don’t get credit for

3 days now and 0 ads, something is wrong on Brave’s end

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Do you see the message You do not have enough unblinded tokens on your log after viewing a new tab page ad?

Let’s be clear that they’re daily poisoning the catalog with vicious campaigns parameters.

Here’s the last nonsense…

0.001 roughly means that you have 1 chance out of 1000 to get this ad each time you open new tab. No other inline content ad (news) will appear until you hit it.

I wonder if the advertiser knows if their paid service is being used for this.

The same is being applied to push ads, but gosh, 0.001 is totally overkill.

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These are the two messages I get in my LOG. A ton of them in there.

AM:ERROR:redeem_unblinded_token.cc(228)] Response public key = does not exist in payments issuer public keys

ERROR:publisher.cc(774)] Publisher info not found

Do you see any “You do not have enough unblinded tokens” message?

No I do not have any messages that say I don’t have enough.

I have this error and I also have this problem