Ads coming but not being counted

I had some ads that I clicked on that did not get counted at around 12:30 pm 12/10/21 on my pc dell using windows 10 brave . Technics was first one and second was Blockfi. two in a row that were not counted. Has continued to not count since. Verified uphold wallet. payments went through every month. no vpn. Please fix this

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I am getting the same issue on my desktop PC but my laptop is okay. I am verified with Gemini

Glad it is not just me but hope it starts working. There should be a reason and this deters new people from using site. They need to stop letting this happen. If they want to be the new google they have got to perfect this ad system and pronto. Hype means alot. Take this serious brave. Consistency is everything.

I get ads on my Android and on my Mac but not getting any BAT.

This has happened to me yesterday and got fixed today (didn´t loose anything). Now it started again, I don´t think we should worry because they are being counted.

I understand, but Brave seems to be having a ton of problems with ads and payouts. They need to fix it before people lose interest. My brother never got his bat for october. That is unacceptable. He should have gotten that. Getting old and needs to be addressed. And the fact he cant contact anyone directly to fix it and has used this forum to try to fix it and got nowhere.Krypton50 is his username on forum.he uses windows 10, verified during payment time, gemeni wallet, pc, 5.9 brave not received. November 7th was date of payment processing.

I understand you. I lost 10 BATs because of the october missing payment. However, I still use it because of the Adblock and features. It will hopefully get better.

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