I am not getting ads for almost a weekk even I work daily (8hrs+) in the browser

I think my brave ads just vanished suddenly after the starting of the month. Also, I had received my rewards late this time. Even the ads in the beta version are like 1-2 ads per week.

Do you have any screenshots? Are you saying your estimated BAT for this month has significantly dropped? Because it might just be the old BAT from last month(s) were still there and it finally adjusted itself, for example, this morning mine finally went away from like 6+ to 2.7 which makes sense because I was already paid out last month for ads on June 6th. Sometimes the counter gets stuck from prior BATs already received. As for the ads, I do not use beta so I cannot say, but what I can say is, yes you can go quite a few hours and not see ads unfortunately. These past few days I have spent long hours on Linux and when computer is off, using Brave on mobile, and despite being on for hours on end, I have been getting like maybe 1 ad in that whole timeframe. Yet my Windows PC is seeing more ads frequently in just a quick few hour test span.

To further ad on what I forgot to say as well, if you have received payout from last month that is good! And if you are at least still seeing ads on your beta, despite dismal amounts, that is still good too! Even tho yes we all thrive for 5 ads an hour.

Idk if this answered what you were asking.

Thanks for the reply,
But I am unable to get my answer from it. All the popup ads I used to get as my system notification are gone. I checked out some of the suggestions you provided and they look fine. I do have estimated earnings at around 1.2 which I assume I have received only through sponsor images and search ads.

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Apparently it is happening to other users as well, I am not seeing any sponsored images as of today, and ads in june have been almost non-existent.

Ads have been pretty lacking for me this month. Especially on mobile. But one more idea, do you have Windows 10? Because for a while i was not receiving ads and then after doing some research it seems the reason was I had windows notification settings turned off and somehow that certainly seemed to have been preventing showing me ads. Because after that I started receiving them again.

yep. Notification ads. I only get like 1-2 a day at best for weeks. Only relied on new page ads. But now even those are gone for the time being.

try clearing all browser history… sometimes this works for me.

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