Had brave browser installed for 48hours - still not earning any BAT?

Anyone have the answer as to why or is there a period i have to wait before BAT will start accumulating

As I know, earnings are paid every month.
Don’t forget to check ads, maybe it isn’t available for your country still.

ah thanks for reply, yes it is available in UK my friend here is earning as he browses, i have ads checked but still none have popped up i’m wondering if i have to wait for a further email as i installed browser 36-48hours ago, either way it is not collecting BAT at the moment and i dont know why

Ads should popup, if your settings are correct and you’re located within an appropriate Brave-supported country, such as the UK, which you are within.

I’m also in the UK, have had previous ad popups but haven’t had any for a couple of days, for some reason that I can’t fathom out. Whether there is a wider issue, we’ve both got different issues to each other, or whatever, I’m unsure.

It’s useful to post a screenshot of your brave rewards/ads settings, when you post, so others can view for any obvious settings issues etc. You can edit your post, if you wish to, including such an image.

I remain in the dark upon why I’m not getting ads appearing, as I’m unaware of any alterations at my end and my brave settings appear correct. As we’ve both now reported a similar issue - you as a user who’s never had any ads and myself as someone who’s had them but they’re not currently appearing, this may trigger feedback that could help us both, others or brave.


@earthlife @daveetee,
Please see my reply to a different thread linked below for more information on why ads may not be appearing:

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Yeah i had 4 ads pop up yesterday through the whole day then nothing i have it set to 5 an hour so i’m trying to figure out what the problem is - my friend says he gets ads all day

As noted in the thread linked above – taken directly from the Ads Troubleshooting guide here on Community:

Please let me know if this is unclear.

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