Feedback and Feature Requests

It’s gonna be long post and I will explain my thoughts after using Brave Browser(Windows and Android) for few months; and my grammar might not be correct as English is not my Mother tongue.

1.)The most common complain comes from Brave users about putting BAT’s in a Wallet (like Uphold) so for that I read in forums that Brave Team will be either having Gemini or Brave’s own wallet in near future; but the problem right now is Uphold only functions I think like 17 Countries and Gemini might be the same but then what about Brave users in other countries. For me right now I need to get a uphold account then transfer BTC to Binance and then to my regional company’s wallet so If I need to then I can cash out which becomes hectic for a average Joe, so right now I do not participated in BAT even though I want to because I fear losing BAT as I occasionally clear all data from my browser for privacy which might clear my BAT stored in Browser because signing to Uphold becomes quite hectic. So if Brave gets it’s own Wallet it should be compatible in other countries which are not supported by Uphold and reduce the minimum BAT to 1 BAT from 15-25 BAT.

2.)BAT and Brave ADS should be decentralized (it is particularly not my opinion as I formulated by some Brave user on an internet forum so credit to him) which I see like Brave privacy respecting ads if turned on for collecting BAT’s should not only be seen in Browser or in the new search engine if they are shown but Brave should also partner with sites (particularly privacy respecting ones) so we can see ads which are not filled with trackers, malware and spyware. So instead a site eg, abcd . com we might see Brave ads earn money by BAT and the site also earns some money(15-20%) from the privacy respecting ad or a site might have google ads and brave ads combined. So Brave Ads can counter Google ads and Acceptable Ads program which are filled with trackers. Also, BAT should be earned and Brave ads be shown if a person is working on a different browser if it possible which I don’t know like it might be in a person using Brave search on chrome might still be able to see Brave ads and store his BAT in wallet through a BAT collecting extension.

3.)I do not if it is in progress it might but still Brave should have a Master Password and Strong Password generator in Password settings like Firefox because a average Joe might not use a secure Password manager to secure his passwords (opinion of brave user on a internet forum).

4.)On Android I might be wrong with the latest update but before whenever you searched something there was white flash or a white screen appeared for a few milliseconds before loading the search result in duckduckgo. Also on android on even on browser if your internet connection gets cut-off due to some reasons, it showed “you are offline” or something like that in upper side in green colour and “online” in red colour which seemed illogical to me as offline should be red and online should be green as red means something is wrong and green means all right (eg traffic signals in majority countries).

5.) The in built adblocker in Browser is pretty good somewhat on par with Ublock Origin but the android not so one it still has some issues with, I think the recent updates have improved it quite well but it still needs some progress which I think will eventually happen along with the night mode (experimental) on android.

6.) I really like the Brave logo in various colours black one when the shield is turned off, Origial and Nightly one but the Brave search logo which is placed where you type URL in place on the taskbar I do not like that (my opinion) as It Lion is quite small since it has a circle around it and also it is quite weird that it has a small dot besides it which eyekiller. So I think it should be complete without a circle somewhat like the Shield logo as it looks in the taskbar where you type url.

If anyone from Brave support reads it I would really like if anyone of my point is in consideration or even if any point is passed onto the Dev team.


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