I would like to choose my own profile icon

Hi Guys,

I use lots of profiles every day and I need to be able to switch between them quickly. I use the profile picture to identify the profile I want so it would make Brave usable for me if I could choose my own. As it stands, I will be sticking to Chrome or the new Edge which both allow me to choose my own icon. Other than that, Brave works great and I want to support it.

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Hi @Bubble, Welcome to Community!
If you go to brave://settings/manageProfile you can change the profile name and icon. Unfortunately at the moment you can not add custom photos - it is a good feature requests.

+1 on that. Just switched to Brave on desktop. I tried using two different icons but all the options are too similar to easily keep straight.

I, too, will be headed back to Chrome for this reason.

Is there any hack similar to the one there used to be to edit the profile data on the drive? As in Is it possible to have a custom photo in the profile icon in the top right of Brave? ?

This feature request is a “no-brainer” in this age of browser competition. :+1: :+1:

This request has been made previously here


Current icon set is too similar and abstract. I’d prefer a more varied set or to be able to upload my own custom icons