Would love to see more options for "People" icons

I see Brave has added a different set of People icons than is offered in Chromium. While I’m glad to see that, it’s still an incredibly limited set of icons. If Brave is going to take some ownership of this feature, please either give users at least a couple dozen to choose from — including generic colored “heads” of some kind, and ideally some simple alpha-numeric symbols — not just origami animal icons.

This is important to me because I need People icons that can clearly distinguish between work profiles and personal profiles. I use about a dozen “People” in Chrome, and if I’m going to switch 100% over to Brave (and I’d like to!), I need something more than 11 cutesy-poo critters to chose from.

In a perfect world, users could add their own icons. But short of that, I’d like to see simple circle icons in several background colors, featuring A-Z and 0-9 — just similar to the default avatars here on the Brave Community, actually! This way, I could do…

Personal accounts:

  • Blue “S” for my social
  • Blue “D” for “dad” (I manage several accounts for him)
  • Blue “R” for myself

Work accounts:

  • Red “K” for my job that starts with a K
  • Red “A” for my job that starts with an A
  • Red “R” for my project that starts with an R

…and so on.

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I don’t use icons unless they can be custom. Very fussy about that myself.

Reading your system of users is very interesting. Thanks for posting it.

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