Can we please get a custom profile icon and custom new tab background?

I’d like to use my own profile picture and background image. I’ve seen multiple posts, even dating as far back as 2019. Why isn’t this a feature yet? : - (

I’m a new user coming over from chrome, and this is really holding back my enjoyment. I need to be able to easily identify my profiles with a recognizable photo/icon. The default ones are too similar.


I agree. I used Safari (which lacked an account option altogether), then moved to chrome because of the feature of logging in, personalisation and other features, but then found out about this new browser, BRAVE. I love how faster it is, no lag, minimal battery consumption, everything chrome has and lacks. Altogether better.

Moving on from praising Brave, I just found a few features missing, one of them being accounts and personalisation. I would like the feature to log in from not only my google (GMAIL) account, but also Yahoo, and, being a mac user, Apple ID. Other mail account can be added, but the main ones that most have, google, yahoo, apple id, etc. are a must.

The Background image is also needed, I would like to have my own collage image or constant image as the background.
Please consider this Brave Creators.

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I have been waiting literally for years for this feature. It seems so ridiculous- they have custom upload on THIS SITE, but not their browser? If I can get the same level of ad blocking from another browser, at this point I might be willing to put up with slower load times just to have that feature for organization’s sake.

Is chrome’s load time really a lot worse than brave’s? If it’s really only a few seconds per page, I actually might switch over- organization just matters to me THAT much.


@Mio It actually is, chrome has so many ads and trackers, on a seriously slow Mac like mine, it is much, much faster than chrome. Also, chrome stores a lot (too many) cookies, that may be good for a second or two, but excessive cookies leads to serious slowdowns.
As a replacement, I have put together a list of new tab extension alternatives that might help. Not the best, but it can suffice until we get a background feature in brave.

  1. Infinite Dashboard - Similar to the others, but has a very rounded shape perfect if you run macOS Big Sur and / or are in love with it’s search bars and rounded UI.
  2. Brave Browser New Tab Theme - If you want something that looks more like something out of Brave.
  3. uTab - Brave-y but not as simple and gradient-y. Love it as it is super customisable too.
    (I cannot put more than 4 links, as I am a new user. search the Chrome Web Store for uTab.)
  4. Moment - If you want something super clean and simple.
  5. Infinity - Another Big Sur-ish One.
  6. Others - There are many more extensions, ones with way more features and customisability, so feel free to look at the Chrome Web Store! I just listed my favourites above.
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Thank you very much for the information! :+1:


Yes, we all want this feature! Upvote this.

@Mio No Problem. Anytime!

What is annoying is that there used to be a work around: default profile images were stored locally and you could replace them with your own images, but brave engineers became aware people were customizing their profiles and actually enjoying enhanced user experience so of course they changed it to remotely hosted avatars so you can no longer use the work-around. This seems like a pig-headed and short-sighted policy and it appears it was implemented just to spite users who found a way to implement a popular and necessary feature and deny them the ability to customize their profile beyond those amateurish, ugly, generic icons available now. This malicious attack on users makes me inclined to leave Brave browser until new developers who actually care about users replace the poor, unresponsive team they have now.

Personally, I wouldn’t quite call it a ‘malicious attack on users’ this is a quality of life feature at best and it wouldn’t effect the browser experience in a significant way. It is mind-blowing that there is still no option to change profile images on the browser as it does make identifying different profiles easier. However, it’s definitely not enough to push me away from their browser.