Is it possible to have a custom photo in the profile icon in the top right of Brave?


The topic sentence says it all: I want to have a picture instead of one of the icons supplied in “edit profile”; I do not see how to do this.

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There is currently no official way to do that, however there’s a trick to replace the image that is shown in the top right corner.

Click on the avatar in the top right corner and then click on the name to open the avatar selection, select any avatar you want.

Now that avatar should appear in

%LOCALAPPDATA%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Avatars

Now close Brave and replace the image whith any picture you want





I hope this helped you

Profile picture (right corner)

What is the Mac equivalent directory?


The path’s a little different in MacOS:
/Users/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Avatars

There may be an extra layer in mine since I have main, Beta, and Dev all installed and they each have a folder in BraveSoftware folder.


Update: Looks like you have to keep the image name. For example, I had avatar_generic_orange.png as my profile image. I moved that, put the image I wanted in the Avatars directory, renamed it avatar_generic_orange.png, restarted Brave, and boom, now my desired pic is the icon! Thanks for the tip, @Marcel!


That worked!!! Thank you for both the Mac and the PC equivalents! (I run in both environments).

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I get a red image. It is not working. I already made a post about this but it still doesn’t work after using these instructions.
Any tips or can someone tell what I did wrong…
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I just tried it in Windows 10 Brave 0.61.51 Chromium: 73.0.3683.75 (Official Build) (64-bit), making sure the image was relatively square in the default PNG viewer.

So, I’m guessing it’s something with the file name and/or format. If you look at the file properties, clicking on Details tab, does it say it’s really a PNG? Maybe try closing Brave, double-clicking the pic you stuck in there in File Explorer, crop it in the viewer, save making sure it’s in PNG format, and open Brave again. Or maybe try with one of the other ones, making a backup copy first, of course. I notice that while the avatars included are 190x190, other sizes work, but best results from square images.


@MVC Any luck with the custom image thing?


Details of the PNG file:


I changed the file type from .jpeg or .jpg TO .png using the edit file name option (right click and change ‘file name’) in windows explorer. This is not a real file converter. I just used to convert the .jpg to .png and now it is working.

Thanks to everyone who helped me out.

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