I want to transfer my BAT present in my Brave browser to a different Brave browser app

Was curious to know if we can actually transfer the token we receive every month to a different brave browser. I was able to do that before when we can tip / funds get deposited to uphold. Since my region (India) is not supported now, my BAT’s are just lying in browser. There can be many scenarios like my PC crashed, or I got my phone into some trouble … or I gotta switch to a new Phone, So all the BAT I have here are gonna get lost. So this isnt something we want after months of having BAT in our brave browser / mobile app.
If I am going to uninstall the current brave and reinstall it again, I want the BAT present in my old Brave to appear in new Brave I install. If there is anyway to do this, please let me know.
This would be helpful for many people around here.

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I don’t think you can do that since India is unsupported.

I think its not related to that, supporting region or not. I was thinking if we can transfer our BAT stored in browser to a safe place and then importing that BAT back to browser. (vBAT).
Since this is all virtual data, if we can find a way to store the BAT in some file … and then use this same file to gain access to the BAT again when we import it to the brave browser or drop this file inside the place where Brave is installed.
This is completely not about transferring BAT to an exchange

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If you are on windows, you have some luck. You can copy the whole Brave folder and bcak it up somewhere. Just make sure that your Brave is updated to the latest one.

You will get more details at →

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