Recover brave data on android

Hi guys,

I am planning to reset my android device in which brave is installed. I have some unclaimed BAT rewards. Is there any way I get back my rewards after I factory reset and reinstall brave on the same device?

Thanks in advance.

You should Create an uphold account and store BAT in it.

I think it can solve this issue. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you

Any unclaimed Rewards/estimated pending Rewards can/will not carry over. As @Amal states, if you verify your you wallet with a custodian (ie, Uphold), your BAT will be transferred into Uphold and, once you reinstall Brave on your device, simply re-verify your new wallet to the same Uphold account and your earned BAT in your browser wallet should match what’s in your Uphold account.

Hi @Mattches

I have an uphold account and the rewards will be credited to my wallet on 05 September. I want to reboot my device as soon as possible(as I am facing some performance issues). So in that case, rewards store in my local browser wallet may be lost once I reinstall brave after device reset. I would be happy if my rewards(unclaimed) stay intact even after reset and reinstall. Please suggest what to do in this scenario.


Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do other than wait for your payout to go through. Once it does it will be in your Uphold account. Again, we are working on some tooling to allow users to have more options regarding transferring BAT held in the browser wallet.

We do apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi @Mattches

I found a possible way to recover unclaimed bat but not sure whether it works or not. After enabling developer options in brave, Developer Options>>Rewards Debug, Here we can export the rewards file to local storage.

In Developer Options>>QA Preferences, there is an option to import but we need to know QA code to go there. How to know the QA code for the brave browser? Please find the attached screenshots.
I guess the problem is solved if we can import it on other device.

Thanks !


This will not work. As I said in previous reply:
Any unclaimed Rewards/estimated pending Rewards can/will not carry over.

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