Can't transfer BAT Tokens to wallet


I am from Bangladesh. I have been using brave browser s for a long time. But, there is an issue about the wallet uphold. Uphold doesn’t yet verify documents from Bangladesh as for this issue my BAT Tokens can’t be transferred to the wallet.

Please kindly help me with this matter that, how will I be able to transfer my BAT tokens to wallet.

Looking forward for the help.

Unfortunately you can’t at the moment :frowning:

My advice is to keep accumulating rewards in your browser until your country is supported or until Brave ads more options.

Unfortunately, if Uphold doesn’t let you create with them and you can’t connect your Brave Rewards with it, then you can’t take BAT to it. The same with Gemini. Currently those are the only two options.

This said, Brave is looking into alternatives and is saying they may have big news soon. Until then it is encouraged to wait and be patient, until they are able to find ways to become available to regions which currently aren’t supported.

One bit of advice is to try to keep your Brave folder on your device secure for now. The reason is this is where your BAT is stored. It’s called vBAT and if you’re not able to verify with an external wallet, it’s kept in your browser. This means if you restore your device, uninstall Brave, etc then all of your BAT will be lost. If you keep your folder backed up, then you can restore it if something like that happens. (well, primarily only Desktop but might work on mobile too)

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