Can I transfer bats from one androod to another (w/o uphold)

Hello there. I have another phone (that is partially ded) where I have like 7 bats, but haven’t synced with uphold, and have a new one, but I would like to transfer those bats to this (basically don’t have any) and I wouldn’t like to spend another uphold slot to two different devices (and the bad one is a pain to use)

Is there a way to pass those bats in the bad one to the new one?

Unfortunately, Brave does not currently support backing up and restoring wallets. Your BAT is tied to your browser so connecting your browser to an Uphold/Gemini wallet is the only way to preserve the BAT from that device. There isn’t a way to transfer the BAT to a new device.

I’ve seen some people saying you can backup your BATs by copying all the files on Brave directory on Android and replace the same directory with this folder, so your BATs will be there. You must use in the other phone the same e-mail and phone name in order to get your BATs or at least part of it back. I’ve never tested it though.

Theoretically it’s possible IF you know what you’re doing, but I’ve never heard of anyone trying it, much less being successful at it. And it would be MUCH harder on an Android device (and probably MacOS) than on Windows or Linux.

Sometimes I think they make it hard for you to lose all the possibility to get the money in your hands. Any issue that happens with your phone, you’re screwed. No backup option until today…

They’re not making it intentionally difficult. They used to have a backup option, but either it didn’t work properly, or people were abusing it, so they took it out. They did lower the minimum amount of BAT to open an Uphold/Gemini wallet to 15 BAT for Android and no minimum for desktop. They are also working on a method to delink old devices from the wallets and reuse the device allotment, but that may take a while to implement.

For me, it’s taking an eternity to get 1 BAT, I get about 1 BAT per month and know people that got 3x times this per monthn I’m not sure how they do it… unless they use different versions or devices.

I created an account myself for Uphold with all the data needed and it still doesn’t save my BATs. I got 8 BATs and I need to change the device to a new one I really don’t know what to do, it will take months to get the minimum required that is 15…

Hmmm. . . What country are you in? I’m in the U.S. and average about 3-5 BAT per month. I don’t trust Uphold, though, and I’m waiting to see how things go with Gemini before I link my accounts.

Neither do I trust it entirely but I have no other option available other than Uphold on Android. I’m actually in Brazil. I may try to use Gemini on the desktop version when available.

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