Transfer BAT from Unverified Wallet to another device

I have certain amount of BAT token in unverified wallet. My country of residence doesn’t allow me to connect BAT rewards to uphold or gemini. I’m changing devices (laptops) in 15 days, how can I transfer current amount of BAT token rewards I earned to different device?

Thank you

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Backup your Brave/UserData folder in AppData.

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I tried to copy everything, but it doesn’t work. Forgot to mention I’m moving from windows 10 to ubuntu 22.04.

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It works on windows, don’t know about Ubuntu, never used.

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Is there anything I can do? Brave is fine browser, but without rewards I could as well go back to chrome.

I simple can’t fathom why brave has it’s own wallet but is unable to transfer brave rewards to it. Why is there necessity for uphold or gemini, and what is with users that are unable to create account for either of platforms?

Would be happy if I get any response from this community…

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It’s necessary having a KYC system due to government regulations.

Regulations and crypto, hand in hand :slight_smile:

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