I verified my uphold account and still have this issue

After i verified my uphold account i still cant withdraw my bat
I mean i still see this message : you need to verify your uphold acc …

  • I contacted uphold support and they told me that the problem is in my brave account


Hi @sliman, it could just be because payout is currently processing. Maybe give it a few days yet.
Have a read at Support’s post here…

…and make sure everything checks out on your end. Keep an eye on it for any updates, and if your issue persists, follow the DMing instructions there.
Good luck!

Where did you see this message @sliman ?

@eljuno check this out to see where :

@sliman, your region isn’t on this list, is it?

@saereV nope its not on that list
i already said that i talked to the support of uphold to ask them if my account get verified or not and they told me yes its verified
so the problem is in my brave account

That’s great.
@eljuno should be able to help you figure this out.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the screenshot, @sliman .

What happened when you click “Continue to verify”?

If that’s still not working, try “Disconnect” and reconnect your wallet and see if it can help.

i disconnected and reconnected my uphold wallet and still having the same issue :’(
when i click " continue to verify " i go to my uphold dashboard

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Thanks for the confirmation. Let me cc @Mattches @steeven for additional assistance. So they can check from Brave’s side.

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can u help me with that

Can you please send me a DM and in it, tell me the email you use that is associated with your Creators account?

i sent u my email

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Mattches needs to know this information you wrote, @sliman, and keeping it all together on this topic will help you :slight_smile:

I’m sure he’ll contact you soon, I know it’s frustrating, but you have to try to be a little more patient. If he asked you to send him some information, make sure you’re sending him what he needs - and remember to use the same DM, not a new one.

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i am really tired of finding a solu for this issue and no one of your support team knows where the problem is
my uphold wallet is verified ( i asked them to confirm that ) and again they said its verified
but in my brave account doesn’t show that ( i tried to reconnect my uphold wallet ) and still the same issue !

Dont ignore me plz and thanks …

Hi, @sliman, please don’t create multiple topics on the same issue because it slows down support for everyone.

I see that Mattches made contact with you on one of your other topics…

…use this one, please.

If you DM’ed him the information he asked you for, you just have to try to wait patiently, as there are others with issues, too. I’m sure you’ll hear from him, but if you want to check in on the progress, bump that thread where you have a dialogue with Mattches already. Also, don’t send him multiple DMs, as it slows down support, too - if you feel you must, use a current one that you have with him.

I hope you hear good news soon :crossed_fingers:

sorry for that but i really lost
he told me to see with UPHOLD KYC however my account is totally verified and secured and i told him that already before
then i contacted uphold support again to check that and they confirmed that the problem is in brave acc !

Thank you for your patience. Please check your DMs.

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