Payment in Progress (unable to withdraw BAT)

Hello dear Brave support & community,

As much as I love the browser, as a creator the backend process of the payment distribution system is in a state of an absolute agony (to put it delicately) and constant frustration when following each subsequent step.

I’ve been here since 2019, linked my social networks, amassed over a 1,000 BAT and finally decided to go through the verification process to put them to use. I’m not going to mention the ridiculous amount of time it took to get uphold verified and linked and countless support messages to fix the bugs.

Now, once it was all done (after months), I wanted to withdrew my 1st BAT payment and it said april 13th. 3 days before this date out of nowhere, I got banned (for no reason) 7 support messages later, they finally answered and unblocked the account. Now for weeks it’s been “payout in progress” without any further date or guidance.

Something that should happen swiftly but instead it takes months, wasting everybody’s time. No wonder it’s hard for creators to switch from legacy system, when the new “revolutionary” wave of decentralized technology is lacking basic functions and credibility across the board.


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