Only partial transfer of BAT to Uphold

I’ve been using this browser for two years and only now verified my Uphold wallet (I was previously restricted because of my location). It looks like today (5th) the BAT I’ve accumulated was transferred to Uphold but less than half was transferred. Anybody run into a similar issue? How did you go about resolving. I’m using the latest version of Brave on my windows 10 desktop.

Hi @sQUansEA, the payout process is currently underway, we just have to be patient for it to complete - possibly up to several days.
You can read this post and keep your eye on it for any updates.

Thank you @saereV
I’ll wait patiently and report back

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I have the same issue since february, no idea why that happen

Bummer … waiting didn’t resolve anything. Decent chunk of change basically stuck in the browser.

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If you still have an issue now that payout is finished, go back to Support’s post (found in my post #2 here), go through the checklist, and follow the instructions on what to do next.

Please keep in mind, there are others with similar issues needing help, so this won’t be an immediate process - you’ll have to try to be patient. :slight_smile: If some time passes and you haven’t heard anything and you want to check in on the progress of your issue with steeven, use the same DM thread - don’t send multiple DMs because it will slow support for all of us.
Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Thank you. I already went through the checklist and DMed @steeven. To your point, there’s others with similar issues and it might take some time. Quick question, what wallet information should I complement my DM with to make the process a little easier on your end?

Hi, @sQUansEA, I think if you include everything that is asked for in those instructions, and good screenshots showing information important to the issue, that should be well enough. steeven may ask you for more, and then you would send him that. Make sure you send a screenshot of your brave://rewards-internals/ - some forget to do this (only share this with Support in DMs, it’s sensitive). If you think of something you missed or want to add, you can just edit your DM to include it, too. I hope some of this can help you :slight_smile:

Hi @saereV, maybe you know the answer to this. The BAT that didn’t transfer just disappeared. Looking at the log event, I now see “promotion_claimed” for that same balance. I guess this could have been promotional BAT whose removal was triggered when I verified with Uphold? It represents 65% of my total balance so a little weird & kind of a blow when you realize that your BAT is comprised of mostly expired promotions (if that’s indeed the case).

I honestly don’t know what could be causing that, @sQUansEA, there are still accounts being processed - maybe you are one of them - but I don’t want to take stabs at the dark on this. You can update your DM thread with steeven and include a screenshot of any new information or changes you see, too. He will, for certain, have the answers for you.

Appreciate your feedback @saereV !

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Do keep in mind that there is an issue with payouts that is currently being investigated.

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