Unable to withdraw to uphold

Hello everyone, thanks for your future feedback !

One year ago, I’ve tried to withdraw my BAT from brave browser (PC, Windows).
Unfortunately, when I try to, I’m redirected to my uphold account on the BAT card but nothing append…

I’ve waited for a patch or anything but one year later, I have the same issue.

I’ve tried :

  • To switch to brave nightly
  • To create another uphold account
  • To update brave
  • To contact Uphold support (they told me to ask here)

Both doesn’t work.

The issue is exactly the same.

Sorry for my bad English and thanks in advance !


UP… help please…
If anyone know another way to get help with brave i would be happy to know it too…

are you using verify wallet in brave://rewards and this is how you made your uphold account?

Thank for your response !

Yes my wallet is verified.
I don’t understand your second question sorry…

Like the way I created my uphold account and uphold brave card, was to do it through brave://rewards verify wallet button… But you said brave://rewards shows your wallets verified, so I wouldn’t have any answers for you…

@steeven Can you take a peek?

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Ho yes I’ve created it this way.

Thanks for trying to help !

Sorry for the new up but i’m a little bit desperate…

Up again … any help …? @steeven …?

I am also facing same issue since last month.
When I click on withdraw button it takes me to uphold page but nothing happens.
Can someone help?

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If you find any solution in the future could you post it there ?

Try disconnecting and reconnecting your wallet

Thanks for the reply !

I’ve tried… i’ve also tried to create another verified uphold account

Sign up for creators account and link Gemini instead of uphold and send your bats in tips to your creators, it’s not fix but it’s better than nothing until it’s actually fixed

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Thanks, i didn’t know that it was possible…
I’ll try it and i will make a feedback !

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Gemini not available in my country…
Even with a VPN I can’t verify my account…

You can also use uphold, I just prefer Gemini

The payment date is the 8th of june, i’ll wait until this date,

Thanks a lot !

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