Brave won't let me withdraw my funds

I get this every time I try

Checking your portfolio allows you to manage your funds more effectively.
You must be at least 25 BAT to create an account at Uphold. Try it again later.

If you already have a verified account at Uphold, go ahead to log in.

But my portfolio is already verified, what should I do? help

I think adding screenshot would help.


But you don’t need to verify the brave wallet for receive rewards,
To verify brave wallet…it may need 25 bats. But it’s not mandatory i think.Also withdrawing is not done by us. it’s automatically happens per menth.

If it is already verified, you only have to wait until the collection date and the funds are automatically entered into your uphold … remember that if you linked your uphold account from 1 to 8 you must wait for the payment the following month :slightly_smiling_face:

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if you are verified uphold member, it will automatically send to your uphold account.

Hi @nessiem - as mentioned above, it will automatically withdraw.

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Today we are on the 8th and they still haven’t sent my payment to uphoald. I am a verified member and I have 1000 bat, I will wait a few hours before coming back here to notify, but at the moment I still have not received my payment.

friend, I have not received my payment either but steeven’s thread indicates that they are still being processed, until it says that the payments were completely made, we must wait

yes, nothing happen, just like last month…

when did you verify? if it´s recent you will payout until next month.

You just have to wait for it to auto sync/withdraw from brave browser to uphold wallet.

What dates do you think the other 2 peaks are? I assume they are spreading payments out due to angel investors or something boardroom-ish. You’ll receive your Reward, I believe.


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