I suggest releasing a version that only includes browser functionality

Hi team,

I suggest releasing a version that only includes browser functionality.

I don’t need crypto thing, ads, AI and VPN, because these features can bring unwanted RAM consumption and make the browser itself unstable.

Thank you.


It’s not a bad idea, though maybe some people want to use one or two of those functions, I might suggest just making it easier for removing those extra bells and whistles rather than finding these different things through the settings menus.

Onboarding and asking, do you want:
“Leo Ai”
“Brave Ads Rewards/BAT”
“Brave Firewall + VPN by Guardian”
“Brave News”
etc. etc.
Letting people toggle on and off the different functions easily to never have to deal with it again and maybe a “Learn More” about each function beside them.
(Somewhat similar to the AdGuard Desktop app onboarding process)


100% !!!
It would be fantastic if there could be a completely separate Brave-extensions that only includes the features that Brave ships with by default and then let the user remove what they will never use and never asked for. To be honest, every time I see a new feature in Brave, I start looking at my options for other browsers. Brave as a browser is great which speaks volumes as to why I still tolerate it to this day, but they are not winning market share by shoving features into the faces of newly onboarded users. If I was a new user today, I would uninstall as soon as I started looking though the settings.

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I think so-called “bloat” is more-or-less inevitable. You find with software that, every so often in a software product category, a vendor decides to go back to basics with a streamlined offering. But then users complain that it’s too basic and demand more and more until eventually it’s deemed bloated by many.

The whole idea of extensions, that Firefox pioneered, was to have a basic browser and then enable users to add to it via extensions if they wanted to. But the basic browser still ended up being bloated.

The same thing happened with Chrome. It was very simple with no support for extensions. I don’t even think it had print preview. Now many consider it bloated.

But even then there’s another set of users who want features but not via extensions, as they consider the latter to be destabilising and/or less integrated. So it’s not possible to satisfy everybody.

I’m somewhat polyglot with browsers and use different browsers depending on context. E.g., I’m currently using Vivaldi as desktop default but with Brave and Opera as occasional alternates. But I use Brave Search as default in Vivaldi. I love the Brave Summary, which I think is done quite well.

On my Android phone I use Opera as default but with DuckDuckGo as search.
On my new iPad I use Brave as default, but was briefly using Opera. But Opera on iOS is different from Opera on Android, so I switched to Brave. It comes down to small but important details for me.

I may possibly switch to Brave on Android as well.

scavxo I appreciate your sophisticated level of understanding and crunching of the bits. Do you take laptops of others to perform fixes?