Please create a stripped down but FUNCTIONAL paid version of Brave

Please, divide Brave support/developers into two camps already. Those who care only for Rewards/Crypto and those who actually care about maintaining a functional browser.

I have been using Brave since its inception and at this point, support for functional issues stinks.

Every time there is an update, new bugs crop up, some of which are never fixed – complaint/bug threads are locked or marked as “solved” when there is no solution.

I have three phones and at any given moment I am uninstalling/reinstalling Brave on one or more of them to restore audio or some other essential function.

Any I can’t actually print out on any of them … a function that hasn’t worked for years.

Currently, I am missing the option to disable binance and (granted, this is a minor league annoyance, but annoyances add up).

Brave is essential to me. I would gladly buy a paid working version for perhaps $20 if such a version were offered and was free of annoyances like Crypto & Rewards.

I am no longer willing to file lengthy bug reports that include version, OS, phone model etc over and over again, only for them to be ignored.

Isn’t it long past time for a paid, premium Android browser with actual, responsive support? We have paid versions of media players, photo editors, all manner of software categories, most of them far less essential than browsers.

Can I afford paid software? Not so much. I am among those users on a small fixed income but even I can see at this point that the “free” browsers are anything but these days, what with all the bugs and incursions on our privacy.

Please consider releasing a stripped down paid browser with its own support team that won’t be distracted by Rewards and other features most users care little about.

PS: I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for the early years when Brave was a really good browser. Thanks for the memories!

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