I only get BAT's from 1 device out of 3 that I use constantly

I use Brave Browser on 3 devices, my PC, my macbook and my smartphone, for 2 months I have been receiving the BAT only from the Brave Browser of my PC, I don’t know what happens to you that do not allow the Brave bat to be sent from my smartphone and mac to the uphold wallet, I would like you to be able to review my status and check where those bats that are not arriving are so that they can send them to me as soon as possible.

I can’t believe how difficult it is to align the brace browser with my wallets, includding Uphold. I have had to register with Brave community rewards , developers , bravenightly. And forum with alternate emails used with primary email. Still I am not verified not establishing the results intended? Please look into this. I want brave rewards in my brave wallet and I don’t know how to request. I would appreciate the help if support/Brave.com would review and access tge progress of my account. PLEASE CHECK INTO THIS ASAP
Faybrain Y Sanders Hernandez

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