BAT did finally transfer to Uphold! From which browsers?

I am very happy to report that after no transfers to uphold for months (!), last night I did receive BAT transfers from Brave to my verified Uphold account! Yay! I don’t know if Brave devs have fixed the problem or if support (@steeven) did something manually.

I received the BAT from 2 of the 3 devices that I have Brave installed on. How can I tell which ones the 2 transactions came from? (None of the amounts seem to actually match of the browsers’ brave::/rewards pages). I have brave installed on a mac, a linux, and an android and they are all connected to uphold.

Is there any useful information to that regard in the rewards-internals logs or event tabs? I have been poring through them a bit but haven’t found anything which shows rewards being “sent” to either nor


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The devices from where it has been received from will have BAT deducted from “Estimated Payouts” So you can check through that…

The same, I got an email saying 5 BAT had been transferred in, anything better than nothing I suppose, had trouble finding it in uphold as it transferred to a dedicated card for BAT I had created, normally it went into a card called brave browser. Like you, am curious from which browser/device.

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