Not getting BAT Rewards sent to my Uphold account

This started happening all of a sudden. I have not gotten a reward for a couple of months now.
I am trying to figure out what could be causing this.
I use the Brave Browser in multiple devices.
2 desktops, a laptop, and my iPhone 7 Plus.
I am using the Brave Browser version:
Version 1.23.73 Chromium: 90.0.4430.85 (Official Build) (64-bit)

At the moment 10:22 AM 4/24/2021 this is an up to date version.
I was receiving BAT rewards in the past but like I mentioned before, this have suddenly stopped.

I honestly do not like the Uphold website. I feel the entire thing is straight trash. Is there an alternative website that can receive my rewards? these clowns at Uphold had me create like 4 Brave BAT accounts and for the longest time they did not have a delete button to delete the excess wallets that were created. I only needed one and had 4 instead. Simply having a broken website with poor navigation does not convince me to trust the website.

When I contact support, they simply tell me to contact Brave about this, therefore they do not even try to take any responsibility at maintaining the Brave Bat project.

Hi, @red_dick, there is a known issue with BAT not porting to Uphold. Support has been working on it. You can follow this topic for any updates or fixes that may be posted.

I hope this issue can become fixed. I have been noticing this for a few months now.
Another questions is if we will get the BAT that was not sent to the Uphold Wallet in from the past months.

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