Not receiving BAT on one of my devices

Hi there! I’m currently using Brave on five of my devices and four of them have been receiving BAT just fine. On one of my laptops, I haven’t been receiving ads nor BAT for the past two months. Right now on my other devices “Next payment date” is Apr 6 but on this problematic one, it always gets pushed to the month after (currently at May 6). Haven’t touched notifications settings at all and they all seem to be on. Could you help me troubleshoot this? Thanks!

Key info seed: Valid
Wallet payment ID: 4c248aa0-fb4c-4825-a3d2-eff1bd2c3ffe

Brave 1.21.74 Chromium: 89.0.4389.72 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Revision 3f345f156bfd157bd1bea06310e55f3fb2490359-refs/branch-heads/4389@{#1393}
OS Windows 10 OS Version 1909 (Build 18363.1379)

I can’t find my brave accounts. How do you find your id? If you have more than one device how do you link accounts? Is there an article for this I haven’t found anything and been trying to get help from brave for months they don’t seem to have any support.

that’s because there is a limit of 4 wallets per uphold account

I haven’t even received 25 BAT on any of my devices… so I’ve got no Uphold account.


I don’t think syncing across multiple devices for Brave Rewards is possible yet.

that’s right

I think is possible to verify the wallets in desktop pc and laptop without the 25 bat

if you couldn’t claim your bats on unverified wallets then contact steeven

How to manage all devices linked on my uphold account?

Not possible at the moment

Why my old BAT balance did not transfer to my uphold wallet?

What will happen if I removed Brave/Brave rewards from Uphold Trusted Apps, and add it again right after? Will that resolve the issue of having more than 4 devices?

I think the real issue here is that we have no way to know which wallets are the ones that are sending bats to uphold

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