Problem with brave rewards, will not let me activate or link uphold anymore

Brave rewards have been disabled with no way to turn back on. Wallet shows empty and unable to link to uphold

Windows 10 v1.52.130

** unsure if verified, linked through uphold**

worked for years up to this point

I’ve had payments in the past go through no problem


Yes in supported region

Auto-contribute is off

Could you share a screenshot ?

I’m not sure if these screenshots uploaded properly. I can try again if the images are broken.

Hey. Okay. You say your Brave rewards aren’t accumulating?
I can see ‘Brave private ads’ is turned on.

So, were you connected to Uphold but it still shows like this?
If yes, then have your tried restarting Brave and the device?
Also, does anything show up at brave://rewards-internals?
Like does it say ‘Custodial account connection info’

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If you restart your browser do you still see this Rewards messaging?

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I have restarted the browser multiple times and it did not help. I have also tried rebooting before posting this thread and it didn’t help. I tried rebooting again after reading your message and everything seems to be working now. Thanks everyone!

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Just to provide some more info. If you were connected to Uphold but it doesn’t show that you’re connected and the whole Brave rewards panel becomes unresponsive like you can’t do anything, then go to brave://rewards-internals and check if info is displayed or if it says ‘rewards profile not created’ . If it says not created, then kinda similar to an issue on mobile too, which I had reported to Chriscat to which he said, they still haven’t been able to solve due to the weird behaviour or something (don’t exactly remember)

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