In brave i cannot log into my account,the said i broke repeatedly Google"s privacy terms. I know thats incorrect

Om my laptop,i made a second brave account. To my surprise i can log in my YouTube account with no problem.the moment i logged in imidiatly a message from Facebook we have frozen your account for 6 days. I can protest write. To to frrezing . Of course. I imidiatly opened the button th write them a protest letter. But wat happened .the said your account is free, and u can use it again. That what i described is an ongoing situation for a month now.2 sometimes 3 a can they frees my account. And 2 second after hitting the button for reply. Than al problems are now more. I have a laptop 2 phones and 1 tablet i have log in al my accounts on Avery phone etc. I am a just a guy that want to have the pleasure. Of my pc or phone.
Any who understand my
English is not my native language.
Thank you.

We are not sure if this is actually Brave’s doing. Can’t possibly be. Or it could just be a false flag from Facebook or Google?
I’ll tag @Saoiray to see if he could help. Thanks.

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