Downfall of Brave

I just want to take time and want to create a healthy discussion on this topic. I have recently noticed that brave rewards are stopped for certain countries. The browser is working fine and also are uphold and Gemini wallets in respective countries. No reason for the same is given. The entire purpose of brave browser was transparency, power to the users which is somewhat missing in this saga. I really feel brave is just another Google who is using its power to exploit less developed countries by treating them as their product. Brave has the function of brave wallet but It’s own token can’t be withdrawn from it, instead we had to use uphold and gemini which creates monopoly just like google. I am quite disappointed with this behavior and an going back to use google. My logic is that google is at least not pretending or doing fake promises like brave.
I hoped you liked my view.

They are working on getting unsupported countries back and they’ve succeeded in that quite a bit. They brought back 11 regions in the last few weeks. I know that this integration is taking too long, but they’re working and all we as users can do is to wait.

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The purpose of BAT is not to cash out for profit, but to create an ecosystem, first, advertisers rewarding you for your attention and you are able to pass on the BAT you receive to content creators to reward them for their content. Brave are succeeding at that goal.

As for being able to cash out, sure, it is what give BAT real world value. But it’s challenging these days because of the regulatory landscape. But I think this will improve over time. It is not fair to blame them for this.

Also, I believe that Brave are working on some kind of DEFI solution where you are able to get hold of your BAT without even needing Uphold, Gemini, etc. I’m not sure about the technical details but it will completely solve this issue.

And they’ve been transparent about that since day one. They have shared how they don’t want to KYC/AML all Users, don’t want to have to get the licenses for it, etc. That said, they also said it’s in the plans in the future to expand on that and allow things such as p2p tipping.

Actually, monopoly would be Brave saying you can only use their Wallet. They have Gemini, Uphold, and BitFlyer as partners for people. Which ones you can use is based on government restrictions and policies.

Custodial partners are just that, partners. As has been said by Brendan Eich:

The process in having a business relationship with exchanges is more difficult than Users may realize. There are a lot of fees and other arrangements that need to be set up to happen.

That said, we are in talks with multiple and hoping to reach new deals to expand offerings. In fact, we can’t give details, but we have a major deal we’re hoping to reach soon that would make Users very happy. We are also always reaching out and trying to do business with other companies, but it takes time.

Upset for a business doing exactly what it said it would do and remaining transparent, huh? How dare they protect your information and abide by the laws! It’s ridiculous they are doing anything to combat fraud!

Okay, goodbye. I mean, I know as much as you wrote this you’re going to continue using Brave. It’s part of even why you created an account here. You came to complain but you know that what you’re saying is BS. You don’t want to deal with ads, especially knowing that it’s not too far out before Google stops allowing extensions and you’re going to be hit hard by ads and having your information tracked/stolen.


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