I just claimed my Grant and no reward was added to my brave browser 😭

Here is a screenshot

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just close your browser and wait around 2 min then open it

Δ°t happened to my friend too.

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I will try that , hope I haven’t lost my BAT ?:sob:

Any solution to that?

Nothing right now, Δ± hope it will be solved.

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for me after i claim the new tab keep saying claim your reward so i close the borwser couple of times then it work fine after that i think there huge requests go forth and back for the payment server so glich could happen
and hope it fix soon

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I hope so :pleading_face: the highest BAT I’ve received so far :sob:

Ok thanks for the idea

you welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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@steeven @eljuno @Mattches

Please :sob:

@Aa-ron hope I will get back my reward?

your screen shoot looks very weird it show that you got 72.5 for aug and in the total bat section it show 0

hope they help you soon and your issue get fixed

:pleading_face: please reply on time

Yes that’s what I’m trying to do n non of the moderators are replying :broken_heart:

I’m already having fever , that’s the highest grant I’ve ever received

Tell your friend to drop his screenshot here so we can get help

someone else has the same issue but in windows device My BAT is gone..?

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Yes I saw it so sad :pleading_face:

@Skaletyun please provide the screenshot here

Having a issue too, on my Desktop


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