BAT coming, coming, gone!

I was supposed to receive 2.xx BAT in a browser that had no verified wallet attached, and had never received BAT before. I was curious where the BAT would end up. It just disappeared. So, I went to uphold and made a wallet, and bought some BAT and sent it to the browser. I am wondering, will that BAT I earned ever arrive? What am I missing here?

you did not need to buy BAT. The missing BAT is a normal occurrence in Brave, as you can see by the hundreds of threads that have appeared today. Brave breaking our trust and confidence by consistently providing bugs and siphoning BAT is not a surprise for us regulars.

One of 2 things will happen:

  • Your BAT is merely delayed by a few days
  • Your BAT is lost, and you must personally beg the Brave devs to help you with your problem

Well, IDK about others, but mine just arrived successfully today. on all devices, 2 of which is not linked to uphold, Yeah. sometimes the claim button will not show, I experienced it before. But I just refresh the rewards page and there it was again so I claimed it.

Similar situation, new user and I tried to do the rewards thing (which it explained I didn’t need to create an uphold account/wallet for as it happens during the process?) When I tried to verify my wallet usinging my July earnings the loading wheel just spun for awhile a poof, all the BAT is gone, I see no wallet, and when I go to the Rewards page via the icon in the browser it shows zilch. I don’t know or get it anymore and I’m not an unintelligent person but Brave is making me feel very dumb.

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