I claim about 10 bats from estimated rewards but not added to the brave reward wallet

Hi Brave team,
I haven’t received my earnings from ads which is about I click on claim button and after that it showing something went wrong and when I checked my estimated rewards it’s showing 0
Please help me refund my 10 bats
Also not showing grants claim for September
Awaiting for your response ASAP!
Here is the screenshot proof attached below

@steeven @Mattches @eljuno

I also have the same problem as this.
Please help


Which version of brave?

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This was the night version

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Hi there, two things i can read on your screenshots.

  1. Your account is not verified
  2. pending BAT, next payment date is 6th of September

Conclusion: You have two days to verify your account to recieve the payment.

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Are u mad or blind ??
I haven’t reached 25bats so how can I verify my wallet, I’m saying that I claimed my reward and after that it was not added to reward wallet not the uphold wallet!
If you don’t know anything then don’t say here!

Well to help people like you is not always fun but i still try.
I’ve verified my uphold account after installing the browser on the first day.
To verify you don’t need a cent, to withdraw you do!
And sure i am also still learnig something while i read responses and that for i put in my 2 cents

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Maybe you have desktop version!
In mobile version 25 bats required to verify wallet!
If you don’t believe my words go and ask any user!

It happened to me last month too

It will be resolved

can someone help me with this?

You can’t verify android wallet before reaching 25 BAT

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Brave team didn’t helped yet about this issue still waiting for their response, so frustrating!

Ohh. Okay, Let me know if u find any solution

dm steeve your brave-internals infor so he can help you .

@steeven many users are facing the same issue please help us!

Admins chutti pe gaye hai! Wait karo sablog

Google translator :- Admins are on holidays, wait everyone

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