Again, I didn't receive my BAT reward for this month

I didn’t receive my BAT reward for this month again. hope this will fix soon.


Hi artfreak,
Have you ever contact support ? ( @Mattches or @steeven )

You should be more explicit, give some details in your post.



I’m having the same issue I have over 60 bat that are stuck, I also put in support requests last month and yesterday but haven’t heard anything yet. I’m verified and all that jazz, out of the all my bat, only 7 was transferred to uphold, but all my payment dates have bumped to next month. The way brave → BAT works seems to be quite a black box.


Same here. I have the latest version of Brave installed, and I still have not received any BAT for several months even after @steeven said the problem was fixed. I have been in communication with @steeven for a couple of months, and there is still no progress.

Why is it Brave can’t direct deposit the BATs into a wallet address without requiring Uphold? The Uphold integration is appears to be very problematic, and Uphold has had a lot of its own problems that they’re struggling to fix.


My guess is that they use Uphold to verify identity, to prevent fraud and abuse, but I think they need to be more upfront about the whole process, ie: the 4 browser limit and how that works. It’s hard to tell which 4 browsers are eligible for rewards, and I don’t think you can remove or change them, it is all a bit odd.


The identity verification you mention sounds right. I think a better way would be to still have Uphold for the KYC or as some type of identity management, but to also have the tokens go directly to an Ethereum wallet address belonging to the user and not Uphold. I wasn’t aware of the four browser limitation, that is good to now.

okay, thanks @Mysteryo

Hi @steveen what should I do to get my bat reward for this month? thanks!

Please read the pinned thread regarding ad payouts for exact steps on what to do if your payment did not process:

Yes i read. Too late for my main profile (unblocked the 5 April), so I must wait the 6th May now. :sleeping:

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I’ve also been reading the pinned thread each day mentioned by @Mattches. Still no payment. PM sent to @steeven with the details, and still no reply.


Problems are never resolved. I received my first and last payment in February. My uphold account is verified. If there was a problem with my Uphold account, I would not be able to get paid in February. I opened a lot of topics because Brave victimized me. I read and applied pinned thread. I sent dm to @steeven . Community officials do 3 things: 1 “please be patient we are trying to resolve issues …” (updates do not resolve issues last 2 months)
2 “Please read the pinned thread …” (yes we read and apply)
3 Direct messages I send are not replied. It’s like I’m sending a message to the bot account. No interaction, no support.


Both of the support members show recent online activity and my DM status shows that all my messages have been received and read.

I’m also contacting UpHold to see what is going on. Uphold replied to my support e-mails very promptly in the past, but with regards to this BAT issue they also haven’t replied to my support inquiry. This is beginning to look suspicious.

If you didn’t receive your payment, it’s likely due to this outstanding issue that other users are facing. We are actively working on a fix for this and hope to have more information and/or a fix implemented asap:

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s patience with this.

@steeven i attached the screenshot of my earning from 2 devices that linked on my brave account.

i didn’t get my reward on this from October last year until now. and this one from March to April.

I don’t know how to romance stark truth, I say it as it is.
Brave has been playing on our empathy and fooling us. An established business that offers ads services to notable leading companies is telling us that they are a small team.
For more than six months the same issues they claimed they are working on or been resolved are persisting and yet the whole situation was made to look as if they ‘Brave’ are the ones doing us some favor.
Bat rewards is a marketing incentive that brave is using to lure users to their product, without the brave rewards many people will not use brave browser because the browser is below par when compared to that of their competitors.
Brave is listed on Binance and Binance is a CEX and more stable than Uphold, why is brave not intending to implement more options to make their business more user-friendly and free of new rounds of complaints and discontentment.
Finally, brave business practices are shady, lacking a clearly defined approach for resolving problems.
Note: Brave doesn’t have a small team but indeed has a small desire to implement fixes that will solve its user’s problems.


they will say that they are carying out an investigation on this issue i have provided details but no response about the investigation imagine i have not received bat since january 9th but all i can do is wait i guess

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Yes, I wrote them, haven’t heard back in almost a week.

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hello, for this #5, quite probably i ever connected uphold a/c on more than 4 devices, in this case what does it mean about the rewards?
and is there any way to remove the connected devcies long times ago?

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and for this #6, i wonder if it applies, is this means not qualify for reward?