I haven't received any rewards since March

I’m getting ads but I haven’t received the rewards for them since the beginning of March

  • I’m using windows 10 and the brave version is V1.38.111 (May 3, 2022)
  • My wallet is not verified yet
  • I was getting the rewards before March
  • I don’t use vpn
  • I’m in Brazil
  • I turned off the automatic contribution option but I still don’t have uphold linked

It seems like this happened to alot of people. When i noticed i wasn’t getting any rewards then i checked and my uphold account was disconnected so as i went to reconnect it, then i got an error that my Brave rewards profile was flagged because of some kind of unusual Ad behavior.
I THINK This might be happening to quite a few people. IMO i think brave had some sudden issue with part of their system.

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