I have not received the payment of May 8

Hello, someone has already received your bat payment on May 8 because I have not received mine

Me too. I have not receive the month of may payment yet. it show in my account that next payment will be 8th may but nothing after that and now it shows next payment will be 8th june. dont know where to complain or any answer now in here i found this. thanks pls any body help with this issue.

@hendergrand, @syeed

There are several reasons why you may not have received your tokens in Uphold on the 8th of the month:

  1. You may not have completed Uphold verification before the 1st of the month. If this is the case, please make sure to verify your account with Uphold as soon as possible to receive your payout on the 8th of next month. (You will only need to verify with Uphold once.)
  2. Brave’s Creator “BAT payout report” is generated on the 1st of each month. Therefore, any BAT a Creator receives after the 1st (e.g., in the form of tips or referral confirmations) will be carried over to the next payout date.
  3. Your account was suspended or placed on hold pending further correspondence with the Creator Support team. If your account was placed on hold, the Creator Support team will reach out to you. If your account was suspended, you will receive an Account Review notice upon logging in.

I believe one of the above reasons is the case for each of you.

I already got two payments this was my third so its verified. and no negative activity or else happen cause till it works fine just the payment is missing. so none of your logic is appropriate to this situation. only any support member can help this. where to mail or live chat to a officer for that.

Trust me, you fall into one of the above category.

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