Some common solutions to late/incomplete payouts


Hi everyone,

Our apologies to all the publishers experiencing missing/incomplete payouts! There are a few of these reports, so I’d like to list a few common explanations here.

  1. You MUST be an Uphold Verified Member (more info here) in order to be paid out. If you haven’t done so yet, you must complete all of Uphold’s Verified Member requirements BEFORE the first (1st) of the month in order to get paid out for that month. I will post a reminder toward the end of February for everyone to verify by March 1st. Keep in mind you only need to verify once.

  2. There is a week-long account freeze period between the 1st to 8th of every month. This freeze is necessary in order to properly process payouts. Any BAT earned during the freeze period will be rolled over to the following month’s payout. For example, if you got a bunch of referral downloads but a few didn’t reach “confirmed” status til the 5th, then you won’t get paid out for those specific referrals until the next month. The same goes for tips and contributions received during this time.

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Hi, I received a fraction of all the donations that some subscribers sent to my channel (incomplete). And it was not sent to my Uphold account (verified). Please help. Regards!


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@Asad dmin Thank you very much for the information.
I want to say that this project is fascinating and as any project always problems arise and this is one of them. This is normal for any new project.

I support them and I hope they can make progress in correcting these errors.

In my case I have an uphold verified account and I am a content editor and many of my subscribers have been donating BAT to my channel and they have not reached my publisher account.

I hope the BATs that are being donated to me by my subscribers will not be lost.
Thank you so much


Hi Admin
Thank you very much for answering.
If I have everything verified in Uphold KYC.
Annex test image.
Then can you tell me if what was donated was lost?


Hi @willdz, please see Asad’s comment here regarding your partial payout:

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Hi I don’t know if anyone can look into it. I had a balance pending and it said it would be payed out March 8th. I did not receive any payout and everything is verified with Uphold. I did receive a payment a month prior on February 8th so I know its working. Anyhow yeah it said I would get a payout March 8th and nothing happened, It now says my payout is pending till April 8th. Any chance they can look into why I was not paid out March 8th? maybe process a payout early since it did not work? I know all the BAT earned was prior to March 1st since my balance was in pending during late February.


@Bolo80 please see Not received pending BAT - March 8th :slightly_smiling_face:


ok yeah also I read some other sections and it sounds like tips are still processing for some people. Is that correct? They said it may go into today for people receiving payouts.


Are payments for March 8th still processing? No one is responding to my messages


They are no longer still processing. Please try logging into your account to see if you have received any notices. If not, please let me know what your channel or site is. Thank you.


It says that my account is under review. Can I get any more details? And does this mean my account has been closed? My account is under the email


You can also private message me if the details are private. I hope I did not do anything wrong. The only thing that comes to mind is that I share a Uphold account with my Aunt. So we both have the same Uphold account linked to our publishers account. She received her BAT payout.


NOTE: If your account has been suspended, you must follow the procedure in the official suspension notice (i.e., contact the support email listed there). As a matter of protocol, I cannot provide assistance for your case here.

Thank you.

cc: @bolo80


ok thank you I already emailed them. I understand that I need to contact them directly, but do you know if sharing a Uphold account with two publishers violates the Brave Publisher policies? I’m just surprised because I did not have a issue in the previous months

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