Brave -> Uphold BAT transfer missing

Hi there,
I’ve completed Uphold’s KYC and opened a wallet too. I had some BATs at Brave that I linked before 30 Oct to Uphold and was expecting them to auto-transfer to Uphold but that didn’t happen. The BAT are from months ago and I can see them in the Brave Rewards Transaction history but nothing has transferred to Uphold.

I contacted Uphold too and they asked me to check with Brave. Please check

@Brownie it’s possible it will be showing up during the normal payout which typically begins around the 7th of each month.

In any case, you should probably just create a Rewards Support Ticket at so someone from Brave can take a closer look and make sure there are no issues.

Thanks @Saoiray , you might be right but Brave set the date for attaching a wallet to the end of oct… which means 31 Oct 2023. The reasonable expectation is that post that date, all new wallets should be updated with the balance on 01 Nov unless stated otherwise (and otherwise wasn’t stated).

Anyway, it’s 06 Nov today, no harm in waiting 1 more day (or 2 if they are going by US dates) and will create a support ticket if I still don’t see it.

It’s been way past the 07 and nothing has been credited. I guess I’ll have to just email them now.

Sent an email and look at that… tonnes of credits made to my wallet in no time… still didn’t get a reply to my email but I guess they noticed that they effed up or were hoping people won’t notice and they get to keep it. Either way, I got my credits now, moral of the story - Keep a track of your credits and contact support if you don’t see them coming in.

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