If there is no support from brave team regarding suspended uphold accounts- why we have uphold as custodian

If there is no support from brave team regarding suspended uphold accounts- why we have uphold as custodian we want credit of our brave rewards directly on binance etc. @Mattches @steeven @fanboynz @SaltyBanana @Serg @brian @sampson @onyb @chriscat @luke.mulks
I think brave team does not want to give rewards to its users and by repling by giving a silly excuse , we can not do anything beacuse it is done by uphold, brave chossed the uphold as custodian so it is responsblity of brave either to remove uphold from custodian partner, or give support to users by mutual understanding inbetween brave and uphold and enable the users account at uphold as we all had completed our KYC process and submitted valid documents.


BAT Rewards come in the form of virtual BAT (vBAT) until you verify with an exchange. When you verify with an exchange, your vBAT gets deposited there and converted to real BAT. The step for going to an exchange is required for AML/KYC reasons. We’re looking at the decentralization process for Brave ads rewards as part of Themis

Brave Wallet is a self custody wallet and therefore we cannot currently pay to it for the user rev-share for ads. We would need to KYC/AML your address and may also need a money transmitter license to do so.

This is why the link you mentioned about rewards directly to Brave Wallet isn’t and can’t happen right now. They are working on expanding the system, including the current integration with Solana. But right now if you’re in a region that Uphold and/or Gemini doesn’t allow, then you just have to wait for opportunities. You still can earn BAT but you just won’t have access to an exchange to be able to convert it anywhere.

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you mean to say we can accumulate our vBAT right now and wait for some time. but there is one problem when we change our phone/ factory reset it, or format our laptops, all earned points get removed. how to safegaurd our earned vBATs.
is there any process of login in Brave browser just like we have in Chome browser, where our settings, bookmarks, etc remain saved on google cloud space, whenever we login in chrome using our usernam and password, we get all the things back.


For now, you’re right. This is why custodial wallets are important, but if you’ve been suspended from them or they aren’t available in your region, then there is not much that can be done. As the link I mentioned says, this is because legally Brave can’t do it right now. They need to have a 3rd party to convert it.

I know there is a way to safeguard on Windows, but I am not sure about others. The simple answer on that is to keep a backup of your folder fairly regularly. Since vBAT is stored within your browser, then if your browser folder is saved elsewhere, you’d have it as a backup if the original is lost. This is unofficial and I can’t say it works for all devices, but it is something.

All of these things, just not including BAT, can be saved in the similar way. You would create a Sync chain and select to save Passwords, Bookmarks, and other information.

I want you to also realize that Brave is working on an official Backup & Restore which should be implemented soon. Ideally it will be here in 2 months, but we will see if there’s any delays. I say soon though because it’s listed under Ready to Implement in their roadmap at https://github.com/orgs/brave/projects/28#card-59568971

When/if they do implement their official Backup & Restore, then there will be more options to save your BAT without fear of losing it if something happens to your device.

Bro I can’t even verify my wallet, it won’t let me.
I’ve verified uphold but brave won’t connect to uphold. I feel like I’m gonna lose all my bat for a second time. meanwhile Brave is CAKING money from ads…

Sorry, let me make a correction. On the roadmap, they say Backup & Restore is ready for Android but they are still working to compelte it for Desktop and all. They likely won’t release it until it is done for all OS. But still, hopefully within the next few months.

hopefully we will see alternative to uphold soon for converting our vBAT,
please add custodian gemini for android phones also. gemini is not available for mobie users, even not in dektop mode in brave browser android app

This is coming soon. It’s ready to implement and on deck. They just have some QA things to go through and have it authorized for release. If all goes well, we will see it within the next 2 months, along with some other good stuff. But we will see.

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thanks a lot sir, we all in family are using brave and had many expectations from brave team.