I have brave bat rewards, I built up 4 BAT up until January and have not received anything in January payment

I’ve been waiting 8 days, no reply…

still waiting for December error with no ads appearing for January and January payments will be coming soon? what is going on?

i got same issues and wrote the devs so many times but they didnt answer me back…

Ohhhhh @steeven :slight_smile:

Can you shoot this person another DM?

A lot of us HAVE been paid out now from different friends and people I talked too so maybe their account is flagged or something?

Thanks for all the help!

Hi ,
Can you please DM me your Wallet ID (found at brave://rewards-internals)

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I sent you a DM with Wallet ID on 22d Jan.

I have resent DM. Please let me know any updates.

@bibal Just a little “trick” I’d like to suggest. Try to tag a person when you respond, as it makes it easier to be seen. I’ve had a large number of places where people didn’t tag me and I never knew they responded. It’s worse for moderators and all who visit hundreds/thousands of posts/comments each day.

So yeah, let me tag @SaltyBanana so they can see your comment and that you’ve messaged them again. Hopefully they received it and can get back to you, especially since you’re saying you’ve messaged them last month with no response as well.

@Saoiray ah ok, thankyou for advise. Im still new :slight_smile:

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I have a reply, need more information, see what happens

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This period looks like it will be the same issue and last period is still not fixed

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Hi @bibal thanks for sharing,

Could you kindly send me a DM of your wallet payment ID (found at brave://rewards-internals) I can look into the issue further.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @SaltyBanana

I have send a DM to you twice, I am waiting for a response. Thank you for reply

@SaltyBanana @Steeven @Mattches
Please can someone look into this, i have been having issue since January and still waiting for response. DM has been sent, how much patience do i need?

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i feel robbed, i have not been warned for what is wrong, i do not understand the irregular activity so how do i even know what to do going forward. It feel like I have been banned and just caused a lot of stress and wasted my time from Brave. If there is something wrong, Brave should let me know so i can fix and stop it happening. Instead all i know is i have been banned for something i don’t even understand. I want to use Brave and just just puts me off. I will be letting others know around me that this is how i am treated. No help at all. I thought i could use Brave and the customer service is no help at all

@bibal Yeah, sorry. Unfortunately SaltyBanana hasn’t been online here since February 8. I don’t know if they got sick or what’s going on, but it seems some things left in transition. I’m guessing Mattches and Steeven didn’t post here because they knew SaltyBanana had been working on it.

At this point, the only thing I can advise is as I recently posted for everyone else at Still no payout? read this before posting

Sadly the company does not employ enough people to help here. They will eventually get to you, it’s just that people can sometimes feel hopeless while waiting for “eventually.” It stinks I can’t do more to help but I just don’t have access to their resources in order to do so.

@Saoiray Thank you.

I sent DM to mattches and he told me i have been permanently flagged. No help at all on why or how to fix. Since then which was 5 days ago, no reply or anything when i want to fix and understand why. It just seems like i am wrong and thats it. I want to fix and use brave but its just like they are saying get lost. Most useless help i have ever experienced.

I am not sure about your word choice. For I don’t know if it would make sense to say permanently flagged compared to saying that you were suspended or something. But let’s just assume he use that word choice of saying permanently flagged, then it sounds like you had intentionally been violating the terms of use according to what they have reviewed from their side. They would not want to get into specifics because they don’t want to teach you or anybody else what types of things are showing up because then people would learn how to circumvent it.

That said, I also agree that if he only said what you’re posting here, that means that he did a very poor job of at least giving a general or a generic response. Just keep in mind even in my comment here though I’m having to make a lot of assumptions. I don’t know what’s been said thoroughly or what was even done on both ends. But assuming everything you’re saying is 100% true and accurate then it just sounds like pretty much you are no longer allowed to participate in Brave rewards, at least with your current device and wallet.

Hello Sir, please check my problem and guide me on it, its very important

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