I have already reached 25.8 bat token and i have already verified uphold wallet and connected to it since... but the brave mobile browser doesnt have a withdraw button

Did you not see your balance (25.7BAT) in your Uphold account – Brave Browser card?

After you verify your Android wallet, it should automatically deposit your current BAT to Uphold – Brave Browser card.

Yes check your Uphold account and the BAT should be there.

there is no bat in my uphold acct. and my uphold wallet is already verified for long time

Like I said, @geejay, :point_up:

But it’ll not be deposited if you’ve 4 browser wallets connected to the same Uphold account.


Hello @eljuno

About your answer, ¿how can I detach all my oldest browser devices? I have the same issue commented here. My androide device has near usd23 and it still remains without beings transferred.

Is there some workaround to unlock these funds?

Thanks in advance.

You can’t. The team may add this ability in the future.

Wait until the wallet limit is increased. Or until the ability to un-link’s added.

Or the default option. Use it to support creators and publishers via tips, monthly contribution, and/or auto-contribution.

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if I already connected 4 brave browser wallets to 1 uphold account then what should I do now? This month payment is near :face_with_thermometer:

This one @Milktea :point_up:

Thanks for your answer but I need more clarification. Will I get BAT from at least 3 of my browsers, or I will not receive BAT at all?

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