No verify wallet button with 38 BAT, can't link with uphold

I collected 38.250 BAT using brave on mobile for a year now and still there’s no button to verify my wallet. I’d really like to connect my mobile brave browser with my existing uphold account. Using brave 1.26.74 on Android 10.

The verification button is available via BAT triangle icon in URL bar.


There is no such icon in the URL bar, there’s only the brave shield icon.

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Can you go to Settings → Appearance → and make sure “Hide Brave Rewards icon” is disabled.


Thanks! That was the solution!



I am on similar boat…been using Brave since Janurary 2021, I even somehow set up an Uphold account…but I can’t claim or see any rewards.

it shows things like
Estimated pending rewards 6.370BAT3.70 USD but i do not see this in my wallet. I am on PC

Now I was able to connect with my existing uphold account, but my BAT amount is not correct, it only synced around 6 BAT, the remaining 32 BAT seem to have disappeared?

I have a similar issue. I have 2 phones each with over 25 BAT and I have not been able to withdraw BAT on either of them for over 2 months now. Both phones are Android phones with Brave 1.26.75. One phone says the wallet is “Disconnected”, the other says “Verify Wallet”. In both cases I can connect to the Uphold account I have had for a long time now, but no BAT is transferred to my Uphold account.

You can only connect a Uphold Account to first 4 devices. The rest of the devices which are connected after the first 4 won’t transfer any BATs to your Uphold Account and will be stuck in the Browser.

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I was an early user and I don’t know how many devices I connected to. How to figure this out?

You can’t really see it anywhere…

Just have to count from the mind if you had more than 4 devices or not…